In a surprise move, the pro-Desantis Super PAC has fired its CEO, sending shock waves throughout Florida’s political landscape. The recently fired CEO, Robert Cusack, was a prominent figure in the political landscape in the sunshine state, having served as the

The long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains a source of heated debates and passionate discourse in today's political climate, and disconcertingly, it now appears that Hollywood is not escaping the repercussions. Reports surfaced recently that famed Hollywood filmmaker Joe Wright was dropped

The recent report from the National Association of Realtors has shown that pending home sales have dropped to a record low with the figures from March being much lower than during the 2008 financial crisis. According to the report, pending

As stock markets around the world struggle to define a direction in 2020, one of the most watched indexes – the Nasdaq Composite – is straddling an increasingly flat line. Despite the overall sluggishness of Nasdaq, investors have managed

The U.S stock markets have been on a steady rise in recent weeks, but this week the Nasdaq 100, the tech-heavy index that represents 100 of the largest non-financial stocks on the Nasdaq, has become the center of attention. After

With the recent news of the expulsion of George Santos from the House of Representatives due to ethics violation, there is much speculation as to what will happen to his seat. This is an unprecedented situation, but there are a

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently spoke to Congress to clarify the Fed’s current monetary policy. Powell made it clear that more hikes are still possible in the near future, and that talk of cutting rates is premature. The Fed’s current

The oil cartel OPEC recently announced plans to cut production in order to reduce the oversupply of crude oil in the global market. The decision has been met with some skepticism as analysts point to OPEC’s waning economic influence and

Henry Kissinger is often referred to as one of the towering figures of American foreign policy and a great statesman. Throughout his illustrious career, Kissinger has been praised for his diplomacy and successful negotiations. He has also been criticized for

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) recently caused shock and outrage among many individuals, who saw its recent exhibit of art commemorating dead Palestinians. To commemorate the victims, the exhibit featured a photo of eight-year-old Jewish Israeli girl

The 2020 United States House elections have already shaped up to be a competitive race, as Democrats and Republicans battle for control of the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. In recent weeks, the focus has shifted to several

The House of Representatives is expected to vote later today on a motion to expel Rep. George Santos (R-NY) from Congress. The motion follows a recent indictment from a grand jury in the Southern District of New York which charges

India has grown to become one of the largest economies in the world and is rapidly becoming a major player in the global economy. Walmart, one of the world's biggest retail outlets, has taken notice of this and is recently

As the United Auto Workers (UAW) just won a hard-fought victory over the Union's so-called “Big Three,” a flood of autoworkers across the country has expressed their desire to join the union's ranks. Thousands of workers at Toyota, Honda, and

Coinbase recently made history with its direct listing to the Nasdaq stock exchange, becoming the first publicly traded U.S. cryptocurrency exchange and the first major crypto company to be listed on a major U.S. stock exchange. Now that Coinbase stock