Who is a relationship manager in business – Get To Know All Key Takeaways A business relationship manager is a professional intermediary between their role and one or more corporate divisions and outside clients.  This profession requires hard and soft skills to fulfil

Tesla Investors Reapprove Musk’s $55.8B Compensation Plan Quick Look: Shareholder Support: 72% of Tesla shareholders re-approved Elon Musk’s $55.8 billion compensation package and endorsed the company’s move to Texas. Controversial Pay Package: Despite re-approval, a Delaware judge nullified Musk’s payout earlier this year,

EUR/USD Flat at 1.0735 as Europe Faces Political Turmoil Quick Look: EUR/USD Stability: The pair remains flat around 1.0735 amid political uncertainty in Europe. ECB Rate Cuts: ECB cut rates to 3.75%, with potential for further cuts, weighing on the Euro. US Economic Data:

AUDUSD and AUDNZD: AUDUSD is under pressure at 0.66200 On Wednesday evening, AUDUSD jumped to the 0.67043 level.  During this morning’s Asian trading session, the AUDNZD recovered from the 1.07600 support level. AUDUSD chart analysis On Wednesday evening, AUDUSD jumped to the 0.67043 level.

EURAUD and EURNZD: EURAUD seeks refuge below 1.62000 A new weekly low for EURAUD was formed today at the 1.61500 level.  Last night, EURNZD pulled back to a new weekly low at the 1.73930 level. EURAUD chart analysis A new weekly low for EURAUD

S&P 500 and Nasdaq: S&P 500 above 5440.0 for first time On Wednesday, the S&P 500 reached a new all-time high at the 5446.9 level.  On Thursday, the Nasdaq index rose to 19657.2 levels, a new all-time high. S&P 500 chart analysis On Wednesday,

Gold and silver: gold was again below $2300 level last night The price of gold dropped to $2,295 yesterday.  The price of silver fell to $28.64 on Thursday, a new weekly low.  Gold chart analysis The price of gold dropped to $2,295 yesterday. We

Oil and natural gas: oil in the zone is around $78.25 The price of oil rose to $79.35 on Wednesday.  In the previous two days, the price of natural gas was in retreat.  Oil chart analysis The price of oil rose to $79.35 on

BOJ Maintains 0% Rate, Signals Shift in Bond Buying Quick Look: Interest Rate Decision: The BOJ kept its benchmark rate between 0% and 0.1%, as expected, with an 8-1 vote. Potential JGB Purchase Reduction: The BOJ hinted at reducing Japanese government bond purchases,

EURUSD and GBPUSD: GBPUSD below 1.27500 this morning During this morning’s Asian trading session, EURUSD tried to stabilize above the 1.07350 level.  GBPUSD rose to the 1.28606 level on Wednesday, forming a new weekly high.  EURUSD chart analysis During this morning’s Asian trading session,

Ethereum Sees Record Accumulation Despite 2% Price Decline Quick Look: Long-Term Holder Accumulation: Long-term holders bought 298,000 Ether ($1.34 billion) on June 12, marking the second-highest accumulation record. Price Movement: Despite a 2% drop over 24 hours and an 8.49% decline over the

Guild of Guardians Token (GOG): From $2.78 High to $0.09226   Quick Look GOG token trades at $0.09226, down 21.39% in 24 hours, and 47.65% over the past week. Hit an all-time high of $2.78 in December 2021, then dropped 96.7% to $0.038 in

Rocket Pool Price Surges 57.52% to $29.68 in 24 Hours   Quick Overview Rocket Pool (RPL) has surged by 57.52% in 24 hours, currently priced at $29.68. RPL reached an all-time high of $61.90 in April 2023, with a substantial growth from its all-time

Gold Prices Edge Up By 0.1% Amid Dollar Strength Quick Look: Gold Price Movement: Gold prices saw minimal changes in Asian trading, up 0.1%, influenced by a stronger dollar despite a slight cooling in inflation. Impact of Interest Rates: The Fed’s forecast of

Bitcoin Dips to $67K Amid Dollar Surge: A Sign of Trouble? Quick Look: Bitcoin Stability: Bitcoin dipped 0.9% to $67,030.4, following a 3.3% weekly loss amid high US interest rates. MicroStrategy’s Announcement: Plans to buy more Bitcoin with $500 million bonds did not