MANCHESTER, N.H. - EXCLUSIVE - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says voters can judge if President Biden is up for another four years in the White House.DeSantis, who last week launched a 2024 Republican presidential campaign, spoke Thursday with Fox News

Revolutionizing Medical Collaboration: Biospiel ICO is here Biospiel ICO is ushering in a new era of medical collaboration with its groundbreaking social network platform. This innovative project allows medical professionals, students, and researchers to connect, collaborate, and monetize their decisions made

It is possible that AI could eventually be smart enough to decipher federal regulations. AI is already being used to help automate tasks such as legal research, document analysis, and contract review, which are all related to federal regulations. As

The Hot-Stock Companies Making Significant Progress The world of stock markets is always buzzing with excitement, and investors are constantly looking for companies making headways. Recently, three notable companies have been in the spotlight: CrowdStrike and its competitors, Okta and

Some Interesting Facts about Undervalued Stocks As the financial markets evolve, investors must stay updated on the latest trends and opportunities, including undervalued stocks. Today, we highlight three of the most volatile stocks poised for potential growth: Adani Group, Tata Consultancy

Crude Oil Prices Slide as US Stocks Surge Crude oil prices declined in early trading on Thursday for the third straight session following the release of data indicating an unexpected and substantial increase in US crude stocks last week. This unexpected

A trove of photos from Hunter Biden's laptop has been made available to the public through a new website that launched Thursday.The website – – houses almost 10,000 photos spanning from 2008 to 2019 and took months to complete,

CONCORD, N.H. – EXCLUSIVE - As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. heads out on the campaign trail for the first time since launching his campaign for the Democratic presidential campaign in April, he’s pointing to the latest national polling that indicates

One week after Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., demanded answers from the Department of Defense about why a 'child-friendly' drag show was being hosted at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, the show was abruptly canceled.'HUGE VICTORY,' Gaetz wrote on Twitter.

The president of Mexico is continuing to wage what he has called an 'information campaign' against Republicans in the U.S., urging Hispanics not to vote for them due to their policies on immigration and fentanyl -- but the Biden administration

FIRST ON FOX—Republican Congressman Mike Lawler, R-N.Y., will introduce legislation Thursday to prohibit universities that 'authorize antisemitic events on campus' from participating in student loan and grant programs.The ‘‘Stop Antisemitism on College Campuses Act’’ was proposed in response to a

Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday picked a longtime ally who oversaw Texas' elections in 2022 to temporarily serve as attorney general following Republican Ken Paxton's historic impeachment on allegations of misconduct and crimes.John Scott, who stepped down as Texas Secretary

Solana and Cardano: Solana is holding above the 20.40 level The price of Solana remained stable above the 20.40 level.  The price of Cardano continues to fall today until the 0.3610 level.  Solana chart analysis The price of Solana remained stable above the 20.40

SafeMoon and Litecoin: Litecoin is back at the 93.00 level The price of SafeMoon continues to pull back from yesterday to the 0.0002310 level. Litecoin’s price erased all losses incurred in the previous two days.  SafeMoon chart analysis The price of SafeMoon continues to

ApeCoin and Akita Inu: Apecoin is holding above 3,100  The price of ApeCoin is still close to yesterday’s low at the 3,093 level.  The Akita Inu price maintained its position above the 0.0000001300 level. ApeCoin chart analysis The price of ApeCoin is still close