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Car shoppers should have an easier time finding good deals this Memorial Day weekend than last. Dealerships are sitting on a glut of 2023 vehicles, leading to steeper discounts and lower interest rates than usual, the auto research firm Edmunds said

Boeing and NASA are moving forward with the launch of the company’s Starliner capsule, set to carry U.S. astronauts for the first time, despite a “stable” leak in the spacecraft’s propulsion system. “We are comfortable with the causes that we’ve identified for

High inflation is subsiding, but many Americans have yet to see relief from elevated prices at the grocery store. “Grocery prices skyrocketed during the pandemic, and in many cases, they’ve kept going up, even though the pandemic is over,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.,

Could college athletes really start getting paid directly by their schools, ending decades of acrimony over the issue? The NCAA, along with the five largest college athletic conferences, announced Thursday an agreement to settle three antitrust suits brought by college athletes

Angry that your favorite Red Lobster closed down? Wall Street wizardry had a lot to do with it. Red Lobster was America’s largest casual dining operation, serving 64 million customers a year in almost 600 locations across 44 states and Canada.

Crude oil futures fell to three-month lows on Friday and are heading to a weekly loss as the summer driving season gets underway with the Memorial Day holiday. U.S. crude oil hit an intraday low of $76.15, the lowest level since

Boeing will burn through cash this year and deliveries of new planes won’t improve in the second quarter from the first, as the manufacturer deals with a host of production challenges tied to its bestselling planes, the company’s CFO, Brian West,