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US Stock Market Starts Strong; Nvidia Reaches $2.5T Quick Look: Market Optimism: The U.S. stock market opens positively, with futures rising amid anticipation of crucial inflation data influencing the Fed’s monetary policy. Nvidia’s Surge: Nvidia’s stock climbs 2.7%, with its market value surpassing

China’s AI Progress: $6B Investment to Close Tech Divide Quick Look: AI Chip Advances: Chinese AI chipmakers are closing the tech gap with international leaders, leveraging local talent and data resources despite US trade restrictions. Innovation Amid Sanctions: Companies like Huawei and Shanghai

HEGO HEnergy ICO: $100K to Boost EV Charging Network Quick Overview HEGO’s Mission: To build the largest community of home and professional charging distributors for EVs, enhancing user experience through a seamless, open-source system. Running from March 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024,

Cryptocurrency Taxes: How They Work and What Gets Taxed Most cryptocurrencies are classified as convertible virtual currencies. This classification signifies that cryptocurrencies function as a medium of exchange, a store of value, and a unit of account, making them interchangeable with

CWIF Hits $0.051284 Amidst 19.34% Daily Decline Quick Overview Current Market Performance: CWIF is trading at $0.051284, down 19.34% in 24 hours but up 50.23% over the past week. Historical Performance: ATH was $0.051985 on May 25, 2024; ATL was $0.086665 on February

Silver Surges To $31.6/Ounce, Investor Interest Peaks Quick Look: Silver’s Recent Performance: Silver has surged past $31 per ounce, trading at $31.6, due to increased investor interest and supply challenges. Investment Appeal: Experts highlight the metal’s strong correlation with gold and the potential

USD/JPY Eyes 158.51 Target Amid Bullish Trends Quick Look: Intraday Bias and Targets: The USD/JPY intraday bias is mildly bullish, targeting 158.51, based on a 100% projection from previous movements. Key Levels: Resistance at 158.51 indicates further gains if breached; immediate support is