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Kari Lake, a popular Arizona news anchor, is reportedly planning to announce her candidacy for the United States Senate next month. Lake is a long-time fixture on the Arizona broadcast media landscape, having been present in various news organizations throughout her

For years the Republican Party has relentlessly blamed the Democrats for a government shutdown. However, recent statistics have proven that there is even more blame placed on the Republican Party for a government shutdown than the Democrats. For the first

In recent days, Senator Menendez of New Jersey has come under fire from fellow Democrats in the Senate, leading to calls for his resignation. The pressure for the veteran senator to step down mounted after it was revealed that he had

The United States Senate voted Tuesday to approve a short-term spending agreement to ensure that the government stay open and funded through the end of February. The agreement follows months of debate and gives the Senate a two-week window to

In the current Republican Party, it has become apparent that the legacy of President Ronald Reagan is alive and well. Many Republican candidates have made their support for “Reaganomics” and Reagan’s “values” clear, embracing his strong anti-Communism and his call

As the deadline for the looming government shutdown approaches, disputes between the Democrats and Republicans are intensifying, making an agreement far from certain. The government will enter a partial shutdown on December 21 if both sides can’t reach an agreement on

The electoral votes of Michigan, considered a bellwether of America's working class, are up for grabs, and the contenders are President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. With its large auto industry and famous manufacturing sector, Michigan could