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Belk has scrubbed virtually all of its kids’ LGBTQ pride apparel from its website after FOX Business inquired about a transgender pride T-shirt being sold for children as young as 2.Until Tuesday, Belk’s website was selling a boys’ T-shirt that

A report from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is warning of widespread blackouts this summer. Two-thirds of the country has an elevated risk of potential for insufficient operations.'It's really concerning because electricity is pretty critical to how we

Republicans on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce are seeking answers from the Department of Labor (DOL) about what it is doing to crack down on the exploitation of unaccompanied child migrants in the workforce – after reports

FIRST ON FOX: Republican presidential candidate and former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley issued a stark warning after President Biden's Thursday trip and fall episode, arguing his possible re-election as president could ultimately lead to Vice President Kamala Harris becoming the

MANCHESTER, N.H. - EXCLUSIVE - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says voters can judge if President Biden is up for another four years in the White House.DeSantis, who last week launched a 2024 Republican presidential campaign, spoke Thursday with Fox News

It is possible that AI could eventually be smart enough to decipher federal regulations. AI is already being used to help automate tasks such as legal research, document analysis, and contract review, which are all related to federal regulations. As

A federal agency is pondering whether artificial intelligence might someday be used to help the government identify duplicative or overly burdensome federal rules that need to be cut back.But officials are already hearing from skeptics who doubt AI will ever