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Investors spent more than 37.7 Bitcoin, worth $2.4 million, in fees to claim their spot on the 2024 Halving Block, making it the most expensive block ever mined. On April 20, at 12:09 p.m. UTC, Bitcoin miner ViaBTC generated the 840,000th

Woo X Exchange made history by introducing the world’s first tokenized U.S. Treasury bills on April 22, providing retail investors access to this traditional financial asset through its RWA Earn Vaults. Developed in collaboration with institutional tokenization firm OpenTrade, the RWA

The lawmaker at the center of South Korea’s “Coin Gate” scandal is set to return to the Democratic Party, the National Assembly’s biggest political party. Per iNews24, Kim Nam-guk is set to become a Democratic Party (DP) member again by “early

According to Benchmark’s coverage of Hut 8, a prominent Bitcoin miner with an optimistic “buy” rating and a price target of $12, Hut 8 has a promising future ahead of it. Following the merger with US Bitcoin Corporation (USBTC) last November,

The Hong Kong Securities & Futures Professionals Association (HKSFPA) advocated establishing a self-regulatory committee within the city’s crypto firms to enhance compliance monitoring on April 22. “Many economically developed regions in the world have established statutory semi-official industry self-regulatory institutions to

Square Enix, the developer behind JRPG giants like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, is now working with a major metaverse investment firm on its own crypto-based NFT game. On Monday, the company announced it had signed a collaboration agreement with Animoca

Two lawyers from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Michael Welsh and Joseph Watkins, resigned on April 22 following a federal judge’s sanction and severe criticism of the regulatory agency’s handling of a crypto-related case. Initially, the SEC legal unit, led