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Cardano to Train Petrobras Staff on Blockchain, Participants to Earn NFT Rewards

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The Cardano Foundation has partnered with Petrobras, Brazil’s state-owned oil company, to offer blockchain education through workshops for its 40,000+ workforce.

Just in: The Cardano Foundation partners with Petrobras, Brazil’s largest corporation, to provide blockchain education and explore use cases in the energy sector.

— Andres ₿ Meneses (@andreswifitv) December 20, 2023

This initiative aims to cultivate a more extensive understanding of blockchain technologies and promote their adoption within the energy sector.

Unveiling the new partnership in a December 20 press release, the Foundation announced that educational content from Cardano Academy will be delivered through Petrobras University.

The workshops will cover discussions on blockchain’s potential, exploration of various use cases and applications, and participation in interactive quizzes related to the technology.

Upon completion of the blockchain education courses, employees will receive a certificate attesting to their blockchain training. Furthermore, the first 500 participants from Petrobras enrolled in the Cardano Academy will be awarded a unique non-fungible token (NFT).

This NFT, crafted in collaboration with the Petrobras Education Board, will evolve to reflect and celebrate participants’ progress throughout the training.

The Cardano Foundation envisions its collaboration with Petrobras as a pioneering initiative for future endeavors to deepen blockchain understanding through employee education.

Speaking on the latest partnership, Frederik Gregaard, the CEO of the Foundation, emphasized the firm’s commitment to education as a means of empowerment.

The primary mission involves promoting blockchain literacy across various sectors, from individual users to large enterprises.

The new development follows the launch of the Cardano Academy on December 14, alongside the certified Cardano Blockchain Certified Associate (CBCA) course rollout.

Exciting News! The Cardano Academy is Live

The first certified course is now available: Cardano Blockchain Certified Associate (CBCA) Course.

Accelerate your journey in blockchain with cutting-edge educational material and gamified learning delivery to help retain your…

— Cardano Foundation (@Cardano_CF) December 14, 2023

The academy is designed to enable participants to accelerate their journey in blockchain with comprehensive educational materials and gamified learning delivery activities to retain knowledge.

Cardano Foundation Rollouts Products to Advance Blockchain

In addition to the launch of its academy, the Cardano Foundation has debuted a suite of tools to improve developers’ building experience on its network. These tools include the Identity Wallet and Ledger Sync.

The Foundation has released a suite of tools and products that improve the building experience on #Cardano, attract businesses, provide education, and foster adoption.

In 2024 the #CardanoFoundation will improve and expand upon the product portfolio’s capability…

— Cardano Foundation (@Cardano_CF) December 14, 2023

Together, these blockchain products aim to address business and developer needs as well as facilitate the adoption of Cardano for social and financial integrations.

Both tools are fully open source, thus creating room for community feedback, participation, and ever-evolving contribution.

Additionally, the Cardano Foundation actively seeks to engage businesses and organizations that can benefit from blockchain solutions on the Cardano platform.

Recognizing the prevalent use of Java among enterprise developers, the Foundation intentionally provides tools and services in this language to encourage adoption.

Specifically, Ledger Sync and the Identity Wallet have been developed in Java to streamline onboarding processes.

Ledger Sync offers a Java tool that efficiently organizes blockchain data, and the Identity Wallet is a W3C-compatible mobile wallet managing self-sovereign identities across Cardano and various blockchain networks.

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