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Coinbase CEO Says an Anti-Crypto Stance is a Bad Political Strategy Ahead of 2024

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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has said that an anti-crypto stance will be a bad political strategy for the 2024 elections giving reasons why millions of young people are backing digital assets.

In a Dec 19 post on X ( formerly Twitter), the Coinbase Chief Executive listed five reasons why candidates are in a better position to be pro-crypto rather than the reverse following revelations that the anti-crypto bill was drafted by players in traditional finance.

Senators Warren and Marshall now lobbying for big banks

Being anti-crypto is a really bad political strategy going into 2024

* 52m Americans have used crypto
* 38% of young people say crypto can increase economic opportunities
* just 9% of Americans satisfied with the…

— Brian Armstrong (@brian_armstrong) December 19, 2023

“Senators Warren and Marshall now lobbying for big banks. Being anti-crypto is a really bad political strategy going into 2024.”

Armstrong posted a video of Sen Roger Marshall stating that the Digital Assets Anti-Money Laundering Bill was drafted by the American Banking Association (ABA) to curb money laundering and associated offences including restating critics of the sector who stated that “crypto is a tool for criminals.”

According to him, 52 million Americans have used digital assets and this growing figure is due to the utilities offered by blockchain technology. Recent data also supports this claim as web3 literacy surged in several jurisdictions over the last 12 months.

Also, 38% of young people view cryptocurrencies as a vital instrument to drive economic activities in yet country. He also added that only 9% of the country is satisfied with the current financial system including the fact that crypto prices are up by 90% year-to-date (YTD).

Finally, is on its way to 1 million voters who want clear and accurate crypto policies for the growth of the market. The facts presented by the CEO show a growth in market sentiment this year across various categories.

Pro-digital assets commentators have made cases for driving growth through web3 as global markets continue to attract net investors and create new hubs. Users have also criticized the closed system of centralized finance run by a few people, unlike an open decentralized model.

Armstrong has remained at the fore in pushing pro-digital assets narratives and urging regulators to pass comprehensive rules that will guarantee investments and protect all sectors rather than the current court enforcement approach.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Coinbase for allegedly offering services to registered securities. Coinbase has stressed on defending itself vigorously and continues the charge for clearer rules in the US market.

Senators criticize industry lobby efforts

The Digital Assets Anti-Money Laundering law seeks to bring firms into the virtual asset market under tougher regulations. Also, Sen Elizabeth Warren has criticized the recent lobbying efforts of the American Blockchain Association to block rules against the use of cryptocurrencies in terror financing.

Elizabeth Warren Opposes Blockchain Lobbying Efforts, Writes Letter to Association – What’s Going On?

Sen @SenWarren has opposed the growing cryptocurrency lobbying efforts in Washington.#CryptoNews #cryptocurrency

— (@cryptonews) December 19, 2023

The Senator addressed a letter to the association on Dec 18 raising ethical issues as the body seeks former military and economic enforcement officials in its lobby efforts. On their part, the Blockchain association previously mentioned that they are not anti-regulation but support fair and responsible rules.

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