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Web3 Gaming Company Immutable Debuts Passport With Google and Apple Integration

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Immutable, a Web3 game publisher, has introduced its “Immutable Passport,” a new wallet infrastructure enabling users to generate and restore their wallets using a Google or Apple account or through an email address.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, Immutable highlighted that its new passport feature had already been adopted by five games and apps. These include Gods Unchained, Blocklete Golf, B/R Watch 2 Earn, TokenTrove, and AtomicHub. The collective user base of these applications exceeds 500,000 people, as mentioned in the announcement.

“It’s incredibly frustrating to spend countless hours building a superb game only to lose potential players because of a complex and cumbersome sign-up process,” said Immutable President and Co-Founder Robbie Ferguson. “[Immutable Passport] increases user acquisition, optimizes transaction conversion rates, and gives players a smooth, seamless experience that enables them to explore new worlds and participate in new economies like never before.”

The Web3 game company has also unveiled a dashboard that appears automatically upon logging in. This dashboard is designed to enable players to effortlessly discover new games, store and add funds, link third-party wallets, and manage all their in-game items within a unified and familiar experience, as outlined in the announcement.

In an August blog post, Immutable published the results of a consumer study designed to investigate whether gamers were more likely to use Immutable Passport or a traditional wallet.

The company conducted an experiment with over 7000 gamers split into two equal groups, and presented them with Flow A, creating an Immutable Passport, and Flow B, a traditional email field and wallet creation process.

Immutable reported that Flow A (Passport) exhibited a completion rate over twice as high as Flow B (Email + Wallet). This finding led to the conclusion that new players are twice as likely to convert for a game utilizing Immutable Passport compared to traditional wallet solutions.

In an interview with Cointelegraph in May, Immutable provided a more comprehensive explanation of how its Passport secures users’ funds when they sign up using an email address. Immutable Passport leverages the Magic software development kit, which creates a private key during the initial login. The key undergoes encryption and is then transmitted to an Amazon Web Services Hardware Security Module, where it is securely stored.

Neither Immutable nor Magic has access to this key, as entry to the Hardware Security Module is governed by a device-specific token dispatched to the user via email. Due to this mechanism, Immutable categorizes Passport as a “noncustodial” login solution, emphasizing that it doesn’t necessitate users to entrust their funds to Immutable.

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