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Mollars Token Presale Booms as Crypto Traders Learn of The New ICO For Ethereum Blockchain’s Bitcoin

Mollars Token Presale Takes Flight, Sales of New Store of Value Token Explode 150%

Just one week ago, the Mollars token presale [view here] had only 5000 tokens sold.  Fast forward into this week, the live Initial Coin Offering is closing in on 20,000 tokens sold and rated as a hot pick by ICOHolder.

What’s changed for the new ERC-20 token?

Perhaps it’s the buzz on reddit or websites like CryptoPotato and Crypto.News co-signing the project.  Whatever the catalyst may be, the hot cryptocurrency presale has seen a 150% growth in token presales and could ramp up even further this week.

(update: before this article was finished; token sales dramatically increased. It may see 1000%+ growth by the day’s end and close round 1 of presale within 72 hours )

What value does this ERC-20 token have?

$MOLLARS is a store of value cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.  It will be used to ‘cut’ losses of global economies in countries around the world.   This includes the leverage against the dollar.

Mollars are pegged to no fiat currency in particular but have a limited supply that can never be altered.  Once that supply is consumed by crypto traders, fractions of a $MOLLARS will be held by most traders.  Similar to Bitcoin’s Satoshi fractions, a $MOLLARS dividend will be called a “Moll.”

Why would Ethereum Blockchain users buy $MOLLARS over Bitcoin?

The comparison to Bitcoin is a loose one but they do have similar structure. The reason traders would engage in $MOLLARS trading is to save trading fees and remain on a better blockchain, Ethereum.

Both $ETH and ERC-20 holders can hold their money in $MOLLARS versus Bitcoin, saving large amounts in cross-chain transaction fees.  Crypto Whales that are swapping $ETH for $BTC could stop such practices and save thousands of dollars per trade.

This is likely to be proven and exemplified after Mollars launched on its first decentralized exchange in 2024.

Mollars (MOLLARS) is being hailed the “Bitcoin” for Ethereum-blockchain users, as it will be 100% decentralized with no ownership

Is the Mollars token presale a scam?

This is no rug pull or scam.  Not the presale.  It is a legitimate cryptocurrency ICO that has high potential for returns on investment of up to hundreds or thousands of percent.

However, do be aware of other copycat scams utilizing the name “Mollars.”  Since the token presale has been getting a bigger buzz than most and credible media outlet co-signs, ‘drainer scams’ have emerged.   However, they do not link to

The reason crypto traders are so trusting in Mollars ($MOLLARS) is clarity and true decentralization.  This Ethereum-blockchain based token will have no owner.  Like Bitcoin, the ERC-20 coin is a store of value token that will have 100% of its supply left to the market.    It will be launched by an anonymous group of developers, similar to what Satoshi did, but with plans to divide ICO funds to professionals to create and market everything needed for a long-term infrastructure and branding push.

What will $MOLLARS cost in ICO stage today vs once on public exchange?

The token presale is allowing early crypto investors the opportunity to buy the Ethereum-blockchain based token for US$0.30 [cents].   The initial coin offering offer will change with each funding round however, capping at $0.60 [cents] in the 6th and final presale round.

The Mollars token will be live for public trading in early 2024.  It will be launched at a price of US$0.65 [cents].

Crypto traders who invest today will see over a 200% return on presale investments, first day of launch.  That price can shift drastically as the cryptocurrency gets introduced to millions of new traders on public exchanges like Uniswap, Coinbase, or

Cryptocurrency users are joining the Mollars subreddit community daily to learn more about the coin.  On reddit alone, over 280 traders are reading about the store of value crypto’s latest activities.   The rate of subscription is increasing weekly, signifying major interests and potential for an explosion in investor action.

Learn more about Mollars via their official website,


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