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Democrats Dangerously Peril Democracy: Critics Blame Biden’s Party for Jan 6

As Democrats Lean On Jan 6, Critics Argue Biden’s Party is the Real Threat to Democracy Since the tragic events of January 6th, Democrats have highlighted the attack on the US Capitol as a major threat to democracy that could potentially lead to a constitutional crisis. However, critics of President Biden’s party have argued that the Biden Administration’s plans for government reform threaten democracy and the rule of law more than the mob violence on January 6th. The political fallout from the attack on the Capitol has focused largely on the legal responsibility of the seventy-five people who have been charged in connection to the incident. As Democrats and the press continue to press for accountability, Republican critics contend that the scope of the legal investigation has been narrowed to fit the political objectives of the Biden Administration and that other threats to democracy have been ignored or downplayed. One of the most pressing threats to democracy, critics contend, is the Biden Administration’s desire to fundamentally transform the United States government. Prior to his election, Joe Biden expressed his support for progressive reforms such as abolishing the filibuster, packing the Supreme Court with liberal justices, and expanding the size of Congress with new seats. For political conservatives, the Democratic Party’s attempts to alter the foundations of the US government are far more worrisome than the storming of the Capitol. While the events of January 6th should not be overlooked, critics argue that Biden’s reforms, if passed, would amount to a fundamental restructuring of the US system of government and ultimately weaken democracy. Furthermore, conservative critics contend that the Biden Administration has also ignored or played down threats by foreign adversaries such as China. The Biden Administration has been accused of acting too leniently towards China, particularly with regards to trade negotiations, and for continuing to downplay its threat to US cyber security. Critics argue that the Biden Administration’s eagerness to make deals with China and its failure to take action against Beijing’s cyber espionage represent real threats to American national security. It is important to recognize that the attack on the Capitol was a serious breach of security and was preceded by inflammatory rhetoric from prominent figures on the right. Yet conservative critics of the Biden Administration have argued that the Biden Administration’s own efforts to re-shape the US government represent a more serious threat to democracy than what occurred on January 6th. In the aftermath of the insurrection, Democrats are seeking justice for the perpetrators and working to ensure similar attacks are not repeated. While their efforts should be commended, Biden’s critics have contended that the same caution and rigor should be applied to the plans of the Biden Administration, as they pose a real threat to the foundations of the US system of government.