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MEM TV: Bulls Take Charge Heading Into a Year-End Market Frenzy

Just as the old year ended on a bullish note with Mem TV markets on the rise, we see that running momentum carrying over into the first two weeks of 2021. The brighter overall picture for the market can be attributed to cautious optimism among investors as the world eagerly awaits the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine and the arrival of an effective pandemic recovery plan. Mem TV has seen considerable support following the positive vibe in the market. Investors are regaining their confidence in the sector, with increased demand for media-based stocks. The momentum for the sector has been fueled by a wave of consolidation. Deals made by player like Fox Corporation (FOXA) & Discovery Communications (DISCA) have been encouraging for the market, and investors are hoping for similar actions in the sector to continue. The market is relatively upbeat in anticipation of viewership trends that are likely to emerge in the coming year. With many states and countries lifting restrictions on entertainment due to easing of pandemic protocols, traditional TV networks are avidly trying to gain market share to reward their pay-TV subscribers. At the same time, the market expects to see the rising importance of streaming TV, which is getting more popular by the day. The market is also expecting demand to increase for social media channels in 2021 as more and more people stay in contact virtually. Consumers are willing to spend more money on streaming services that provide the best content. This adds to the bullish sentiment for the overall sector. Overall, Mem TV continues to look promising as we head into 2021. Though broadcast ratings may be affected by the ongoing pandemic, there is a general sense of optimism towards the industry that is sure to take projected numbers up in the New Year. Given such an outlook, investors can look forward to lucrative returns if they make the right selections from the available stocks in the market.