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Reveal: Rand Paul Exposes $900B of Government Waste in His ‘Festivus Report’

Beginning in 2015, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul released his Festivus report annually at the close of the year to detail the government’s wasteful spending. This report has been released every year since and provides Americans with a detailed look at misuse of public funds. Recently, Paul unveiled his fifth Festivus report, which reveals that the government has squandered roughly $900 billion dollars in the past five years. According to Senator Paul, largest portion of this incoherent spending was due to poor management of government finances. According to Paul, “The government has failed in its fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers to be a wise steward of the funds it collects from hardworking Americans.” Among of the most egregious examples in the recent report included $34.5 million wasted on a Jackpot International Airport which was never built and $39 million spent on a failed Brazilian ethanol program. To combat this misconduct, Paul has proposed several expenditure control reforms to improve how the government handles taxpayer’s money. These include implementing more oversight and transparency requirements for government spending, cutting wasteful spending from government agencies, and requiring that Congress recognize and accept responsibility for failures in the budget. Additionally, Paul has introduced a bill – the Financial Transparency Act – to track federal spending and make it more available for public analysis. It is no secret that the United States has a spending problem. Senator Rand Paul’s Festivus report, however, provides a detailed look at how the government has mishandled taxpayer dollars and the measure one senator is taking to address the issue. With expanded oversight and steps towards achieving fiscal responsibility, it is the duty of Congress to take these steps to ensure American’s hard earned money is being utilized effectively.