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“Supreme Court Shutter Trump’s Immunity Claim: Ruling Delayed!

The Supreme Court of the United States has denied President Donald Trump’s request to expedite the ruling on his immunity claim from subpoenas related to his business dealings in New York. The request was denied without comment on Monday, April 19th, which means the court’s decision could come sometime later this year. This means that Trump could remain under threat of a subpoena to hand over documents and testimony relevant to multiple investigations concerning his finances, until then. A range of investigations being conducted into Trump’s finances by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and New York’s State Attorney General already had the president threatening to withhold federal aid from New York state. Now that the Supreme Court has denied Trump’s request, the investigations may continue for some time. The investigations being conducted by the two offices previously mentioned are focusing especially on whether or not Trump tax records were manipulated to hide his true income. Trump’s legal team has tried on multiple occasions to derail the investigations but failed each time. Trump’s team argued that the president should be immune from the investigations so long as he was president, citing a 1982 decision that argued that the Constitution potentially offered extraordinary legal protections to a sitting president. This argument was rejected by the lower courts and now it appears the Supreme Court agrees, after denying Trump’s request to expedite the ruling on his immunity claim. However, Trump still has a strong incentive to delay the resolution of the legal battle and may still try to try as he nears the end of his first term. The president is currently considering a second term in office and may be hoping the political climate shifts in his favor before a ruling comes down. In the meantime, many are hoping that the Supreme Court ruling on Trump’s immunity claim will come quickly, either way, so that the investigation into Trump’s financial dealings can move forward and shed light on the truth.