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Worldcoin (WLD) Launches World ID 2.0 with Iris Scanner Orb Authentication in Singapore

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The global project focused on digital identity and finance, Worldcoin (WLD), has recently introduced World ID 2.0 in Singapore, in the latest sign of growing global interest in proof of personhood and the Worldcoin project, allowing users to verify their humanness at an Orb.

According to the official statement from Worldcoin, the introduction of World ID 2.0 in Singapore comes after the successful launch of the tool and the subsequent open-sourcing of the Worldcoin iris recognition pipeline in mid-December.

Users in Singapore can now undergo World ID verifications through the Orb, a custom hardware device developed by the Worldcoin project. The official statement also directs users to the Worldcoin Orb locations page for a full list of verification locations

Notably, Tools for Humanity (TFH), a contributor to the Worldcoin project, has recently become a member of two esteemed startup and tech associations in Singapore—ACCESS and the Singapore Fintech Association (SFA). This aligns with the project’s commitment to expanding its presence and fostering collaboration within the tech and fintech communities.

Beyond Singapore, World ID verifications have expanded globally over the past month. Spanish cities such as Sevilla and Bilbao have joined others like Malaga, Mallorca, and Madrid. In Germany, new launches in Cologne and Leipzig have increased the number of cities with Orb locations to four, including Berlin and Nuremberg.

In South America, World ID verifications in Chile have extended to Concepcion, Curico, and Viña del Mar. Argentina achieved a new national record with over 10,000 verifications in a single day. In Japan, the city of Fukuoka on Kyushu Island has joined Tokyo as a location for proof of personhood verification via World ID.

World ID and World App by Worldcoin Project Surpass Milestones, Achieving Over 5 Million Downloads and 30 Million Transactions

Despite facing some controversy related to data privacy practices, World ID is committed to an ongoing rollout of version 2.0 throughout 2024 and beyond.

world app just crossed 5m users and is now used by 1m per week

super grateful to everyone that has tried it, you made 2023 very special

— tiago sada (@tiagosada) December 21, 2023

The Worldcoin project’s product, World App, the first World ID-compatible wallet, has achieved significant milestones, surpassing 5 million downloads. TFH, the developer of World App, reported over 1.7 million monthly active users and more than 30 million total transactions on the platform.

According to CoinGecko, World App is ranked as the 5th most popular hot wallet globally in 2023, alongside other notable wallets like; these can be attributed to its achievements. Monthly active users (MAUs) have reached 1.7 million, and the total transactions on the app have exceeded 30 million.

As December concludes, the Worldcoin project reflects 2023 as a landmark year marked by significant achievements, including surpassing 1 million verifications in January, introducing World ID and SDK in March, and continuous global expansion. 

These developments underscore the project’s dedication to advancing digital identity and finance on a global scale, impacting millions of individuals worldwide.

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