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Unveiling Your Gateway to High Yielding Crypto Adventure

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, emerged as a groundbreaking token, redefining the landscape with its unique features and investor-centric approach. This low-risk, high-reward token is designed to empower users with the all-time assured minimum selling price advantage. Built on the Ethereum Chain, introduces a revolutionary concept— a minimum selling price amidst the ever-changing crypto market.

Trade, Stake, and Claim with Ease on Our Telegram Bot

Navigating crypto space has never been simpler. invites you to experience seamless trading, staking, and claiming through our dedicated Telegram Bot – By using the official SALTZ Telegram Bot.

Onboarding Made Effortless

Embark on your journey with our user-friendly onboarding system. Simply visit the official website, click “Launch App,” and let our Telegram Bot guide you. Create your wallet, connect your existing one, and dive into a world where buying, selling, staking, and claiming rewards is just a click away.

Sprinkler System: Real-World Adoption through Networks introduces the Sprinkler system, a novel approach to building teams and earning rewards. Investors can purchase SALTZ, get the sprinkler link, and add team members without the constraints of minimum successful transactions. This innovative mechanism, akin to a high-yield certificate of deposit, focuses on real-world adoption by rewarding investors based on successful transactions by their network.

Yard: Stake and Reap Rewards

Stake SALTZ in our yard pool, enjoy rewards and witness your investment flourish. With both flexible and locked staking options, we meet all your requirements. You can effortlessly stake and un-stake at your convenience.

Whale Tax: A Balanced Investment Environment implements a progressive Whale Tax, fostering a balanced investment environment. The tiered taxation approach ensures consistency for major stakeholders while mitigating the risk of drastic price drops, preserving the token’s value integrity.

Burning Mechanism: Where Every Transaction Ignites Value

Picture a TOKEN BURN with every SALTZ transaction—this is our innovative Burning Mechanism. With a 10% transaction tax, 36.5% is burned, reducing our coin supply, while 11.5% waters the Sprinkler reward pool, 31% fuels the staking reward vault, and 21% brightens our Project Marketing efforts.


5-Stage Referral System: Elevate Your Rewards

Unravel the 5-stage Sprinkler Boost and multiply your rewards with each referral. From a strong start with a 5% reward to a culminating 0.5% from the fifth referral tier, the SALTZ referral system offers endless possibilities.

Games Within the Bot: Keeping it Salty

Explore the fun within the bot with games like Last Saltz Standing, offering lucrative rewards. Stay tuned as promises to introduce more games and project developments, making your journey even more exciting.

LP Locked, Contract Renounced, Team Tokens Unvested: A People’s Project

In a landscape often clouded by uncertainty, stands out with transparency and organic growth. The LP is locked, the contract is renounced, and there are no tokens vested with the team, ensuring a project driven by the community for the community.

Join the Revolution Today is not just a token; it’s a commitment to innovation, fairness, and community growth. Join us in this groundbreaking venture and embrace a crypto experience like never before.





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