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Pay More to Play More: Avoid Ads with Amazon Prime Video in January for Just $2.99/month!

Throughout 2020, Amazon Prime Video has been a popular streaming platform for many people looking to watch movies and TV shows with ease. However, Amazon has recently announced that their free version of the platform, Prime Video, is set to become more expensive in 2021. Starting in January 2021, Prime Video viewers will have to pay an extra $2.99 a month to avoid ads when streaming their favorite content. The increase in fees will allow Amazon to provide their viewers with an ad-free Netflix-style streaming experience. While the additional charge may seem small, the financial burden could become a burden for lower-income viewers. Amazon is also charging Prime Video viewers for the convenience of watching content without having to see advertisements. Amazon has become a major player in the streaming market, and its decision to increase fees could have an impact on other streaming services. Netflix recently announced that they plan to offer a discount for people who view their content without ads, and other streaming services seem likely to follow suit. It is expected that Amazon is set to make more changes to its streaming services in the near future. The company is also introducing a new subscription tier called “Prime Video+” which will offer special features such as exclusive content and original series. While the exact details of the new tier are not yet known, it is likely that Amazon will attempt to make Prime Video an attractive option to both casual and serious viewers. Overall, the decision to charge Prime Video viewers an extra $2.99 to avoid ads is sure to have an effect on the streaming market. While the move could make life more convenient for some viewers, it may also mean additional financial strain for those on lower incomes. Time will tell if Amazon’s decision will be well-received or be seen as an unwelcome burden.