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SEC of State Derails Trump: Maine Primary Ballot Gets Shake-Up!

Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap removed Donald Trump from the state’s primary ballot on Tuesday, meaning the president will not appear on the Maine ballot when voters cast their ballots in the state primary on June 9th. The move was made after Trump failed to submit the necessary paperwork to qualify for the ballot. Dunlap, a Democrat, informed the state’s Republican Party that Trump would not appear on the primary ballot after the president failed to submit the names of three elector candidates and other “supporting documentation” by the February 17th deadline. This is the first time in a decade that a presidential candidate has been removed from the ballot in Maine. In announcing his decision, Dunlap noted the Maine Republican Party had “ample opportunity” to notify the President or his campaign of the timeline for ballot qualification. However, Trump’s campaign did not submit the appropriate paperwork until March 16th, a day after the filing deadline. In its statement, the Maine Republican Party said it “deeply regrets” the situation and expressed its disappointment with Trump’s team for the campaign’s “failure to submit the necessary paperwork on time,” adding that it stands “unified” behind the President. The move is a blow to Trump’s reelection campaign, as it removes him from contention in what is traditionally a close-fought state. Maine is a diverse state with one electoral vote, and supporting primary candidates in the state has become increasingly important for presidential candidates in recent elections. However, Trump’s removal from the ballot is not expected to have a huge impact on the race. Despite Maine’s crucial electoral vote, the state is unlikely to be a deciding factor in the election. The state already leans heavily Democratic, and Trump is expected to win many of the state’s rural areas regardless. Still, it remains to be seen if Trump’s removal from the ballot will have any effect on his campaign going forward. The move is sure to leave an impression on Maine voters, and it could cost the president some support in the state. For now, however, the long-term impact of Trump’s removal from the ballot is unclear.