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Chimpzee Announces 2M Token Burn Before Debut Exchange Listing to Fuel Initial Price Action and FOMO  

The sizzling new meme coin Chimpzee ($CHMPZ)  wrapped up its $2.7M presale a few weeks back.

Now in the 30-day vesting period, the token is preparing for its inaugural exchange listing. As per the latest announcement, it is scheduled for January 11th.

The much-awaited debut will be held on P2B centralized exchange, and followed by more, including Bitmart. In appreciation of the widespread participation from early investors, the project has also revealed plans to burn an additional 2 billion tokens.

Total Supply to Be Brought Down to 25 Billion Tokens

Chimpzee has gained momentum as a crypto sensation since the launch of the $CHMPZ presale. Interestingly, the project captured the attention of both crypto whales and everyday investors within days of going live. It was declared a resounding success by the end.

As part of implementing its deflationary tokenomics, the project adopted a unique strategy of initiating various burn schedules during the presale.

With the token burns, the goal is to steadily reduce the overall token supply. In yet another burn schedule, the project will slash the total supply to 25 billion tokens and set the initial market cap below 50 million.

This is what the $CHMPZ tokenomics looks like now.

The lower initial market cap translates to greater potential ROI for the community of early backers. Once the burn schedule is implemented, investors will stand to earn generous returns as the project expands and flourishes. The first 1 billion tokens are set to be burned on the 15th day of the vesting period, followed by another at its end.

Moreover, a bigger burn event is set to go off as $CHMPZ hits exchanges.

The grand reception of the $CHMPZ presale stands as a testimony to its high market relevance and large growth potential. The project’s unique design is capable of etching a new history in the meme coin market, potentially rivaling established names like Pepe.

Here is Why

The crypto market is broad. But when it comes to depth, it falls short. Dominated by bizarrely similar meme coins, play-to-earn tokens, and DeFi projects, the industry faces a serious lack of utility and diversity.

This is where Chimpzee enters – A wildlife token that aims to give attractive passive income to participants while donating money to various environmental causes around the world.

For a very long time, wildlife tokens have remained in the shadows. They lack the momentum enjoyed by their hollow counterparts. But a positive shift might be underway, as the presale success of $CHMPZ shows.

Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) is a novel wildlife token that adopts the meme coin label to shine a spotlight on its larger mission – wildlife conservation.

What distinguishes the project is its clever fusion of meme coin dynamics with a larger, socially impactful goal that the world can relate to.  In what can be regarded as a rare occurrence in the crypto space, the project combines a token reward system with wildlife conservation.

Although meme coins are known for their wild popularity, and they can offer ROIs that range from double to triple digits, they are fleeting in nature. Investors who don’t exercise caution stand to lose a lot from meme coin investments.

Chimpzee, however, changes the trend.

For the project, the affiliation with the meme coin identity is only a strategic tool to generate buzz around its comprehensive ecosystem dedicated to wildlife conservation.

Meet the Trio

The three pillars of Chimpzee are shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn, and play-to-earn.

They build and sustain demand for $CHMPZ tokens. The intrinsic potential lies deep within these three platforms.

The shop-to-earn platform acts as a merchandise outlet, rewarding customers with $CHMPZ for every purchase made.
The trade-to-earn platform operates on a profit-sharing model, catering to active NFT traders.
The play-to-earn platform, Zero Tolerance Game, captivates users with its wildlife conservation theme. It serves as an educational tool advocating climate action while providing an avenue for additional income.

All rewards from the three platforms are paid in $CHMPZ. It is also the payment token of the ecosystem and can be used to buy various items, including the Chimpzee NFT Passports.

Chimpzee NFT Passports are not mere digital collectibles. They give holders attractive perks and privileges, which include attractive staking Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

Part of the profits generated by Chimpzee is contributed to various wildlife causes. The project initiated the donations during the presale phase to the pleasant surprise of the community. There are no doubts about the project’s commitment to wildlife conservation.

Don’t Miss the Launch

The meme coin market is accused of lacking originality and credibility. And for good reason.

Chimpzee changes the narrative with a profound global vision to promote wildlife conservation through a crypto passive income model. It utilizes the meme coin persona to garner initial momentum, and its long-term price action is anchored in market relevant use cases.

The upcoming initial exchange listing on P2B will allow early investors to acquire the token for low entry points before the value escalates.

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