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“Nikki New Taxes”: Trump Team’s New Nickname for GOP Contender Nikki Haley

US President Donald Trump’s team has a new nickname for GOP contender Nikki Haley – ‘NikkiNewTaxes’. The nickname has been coined in reference to Haley’s tenure as Governor of South Carolina, in which she pushed for tax increase resulting in deeper pockets for the taxpayers. Haley was elected Governor of South Carolina in 2010, after running on a campaign platform of fiscal responsibility and conservative values. Her 2014 proposal for tax increases soon followed however, which triggered criticism from many of her supporters. The majority of the proposed tax hike was meant to help fund a road-building initiative in the state, which was later supported by many in the legislature. Despite the proposed tax increases, Haley still managed to keep government spending under control and managed to bring the state budget back into balance. She also earned praise from both sides of the aisle for her ability to attract business and jobs to the Palmetto State. This resulted in a strong economy during her tenure as Governor and consistently low unemployment in South Carolina throughout the years she was in office. Despite these facts, Trump’s team has decided to label Haley with what they believe is an accurate nickname; ‘NikkiNewTaxes’. This nickname has been used by critics to point out her willingness to increase taxes, but fails to mention her other accomplishments. It remains to be seen how her campaign will respond to the new taunt from Trump’s team. Haley is not the first Republican figure to receive criticism for attempting to raise taxes, and she won’t be the last. However, it remains to be seen whether or not ‘NikkiNewTaxes’ will significantly dent Haley’s chances of taking the nomination and eventually making it to the White House.