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Unveiling ‘Decisive Standpoints’: Trump Leads GOP In Charting Course On Race & History

The upcoming midterm elections have brought many issue to the fore, but none more controversial than the Republican party’s take on race and history in America. Led by President Donald Trump, GOP candidates have adopted a particularly polarizing stance on the long-standing debate. It began with Trump’s open endorsement of controversial “alt-right” groups, which sparked immediate backlash from those who saw his support as implicitly condoning hateful prejudices. Additionally, Republican candidates have refused to explicitly condemn the white supremacist terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virgina in 2017. Instead of offering a clear condemnation of that event and its motifs, they have been hesitant to label aspects of it as racism. The issue has become significantly more tense as the campaign continues. Candidates’ stances on what to do about Confederate statues has been the primary dividing line. Most recently, some Republican gubernatorial nominees in South Carolina and Georgia have spoken favorably of preserving the statues, standing in direct opposition to the demands of some leading civil-rights groups who want them removed. For the most part, Trump has remained silent on the issue. However, through recent nods of approval towards candidate policies, such as support for Confederate statues, one could infer an understanding that he is in support of their views. The conservative stance on race and history this election has sparked heated debates all across the country. Those who oppose the values expressed by Trump and other GOP candidates are frustrated by a perceived refusal of these politicians to recognize the need for greater inclusivity and racial justice in American society. Despite this hesitation, America is inching closer to a more equitable future with every election cycle. Whether or not the GOP chooses to set this country on a more progressive course is still yet to be determined.