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Crypto Voters are a Key Swing Bloc in 2024 Election, New Survey Finds

Crypto voters could play a key role in swinging the 2024 election, a new survey from the Crypto Council for Innovation reveals.

Shaping the 2024 electoral landscape

The data reveals that while crypto votes would prefer a Democratic congressional candidate to a Republican one by just four points, the same voters would overwhelmingly support Donald Trump over Joe Biden for the 2024 presidential election.

“Crypto voters are not just a niche group; they’re a diverse and influential group that could shape the 2024 election landscape,”  said Brett Quick, Head of Government Affairs for the Crypto Council for Innovation. “This underscores the need for nuanced, informed policy-making, since these priorities could very well tip the scales in closely contested races.”

A troubled financial system

When asked to rate the financial condition of the United States, a whopping 44% labeled it as “poor.”

Furthermore, nearly 50% labeled their access to financial goods and services merely as “poor” or “fair.”

“Our research illuminates why a significant portion of the population feels left behind by traditional financial systems,” said Sheila Warren, CEO of the Crypto Council for Innovation. “By embracing digital assets as not just an inevitable but also a helpful tool, we’re paving the way for economic participation for those historically underserved, ensuring everyone ultimately has a fair chance to thrive in the global digital economy.”

According to the survey data, 78% of crypto voters noted that Congress and the President dealing with issues surrounding the cryptocurrency industry is “at least somewhat important to them. Moreover, 90% of those surveyed had a favorable view of cryptocurrency as a whole.

“This latest poll confirms what our very first poll showed,” said Senator Cory Gardner, Political Advisor for the Crypto Council for Innovation. “Crypto voters are here to stay and are sending a clear message: they want Congress to prioritize cryptocurrency regulation. This issue could be the deciding factor in tight races, offering a unique opportunity for any party ready to earn their trust.”

Crypto at the forefront?

The Crypto Council for Innovation’s findings come amidst a pivotal election year wherein crypto concerns may be at the forefront.

Presidential hopefuls Vivek Ramaswamy and Robert F. Kennedy have both publicly voiced their support for the crypto industry, with the former already having unveiled a comprehensive cryptocurrency plan should he be elected.

Meanwhile, Congress has attempted to tighten down on crypto policies following the conviction of FTX fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried and news of terrorist organization Hamas’ illicit use of cryptocurrencies.

However, it remains to be seen how potential crypto voters will swing come election day.

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