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eTukTuk Driving Change as the Developing World Tesla Rolls Out Groundbreaking Three-Wheeler EV

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eTukTuk is driving changes in the developing world as it begins rolling out its groundbreaking three-wheeler EV.

The project is quickly earning the reputation of becoming the Tesla for the developing world as it seeks to introduce affordable EV solutions to the region.

The presale for the token recently crossed the $445,000 fundraising milestone, demonstrating the building momentum behind the project.

Those holding $TUK tokens stand to earn long-term rewards as the charging infrastructure behind the project expands.

Driving Change: eTukTuk Bringing New Sustainable Future to Developing Economies

eTukTuk is driving change as it brings a new sustainable future to developing economies through a suite of affordable EV solutions.

The project will introduce the first three-wheeler EV to the region, designed to help replace the traditional tuk-tuk vehicle.

The rise of EV technology has helped push the world into a greener future as the internal combustion engine starts to be phased out of society.

However, the developing world is still being left behind as the technology in the EV sector is still far too expensive for underprivileged economies.

eTukTuk intends to change this through its three-wheeler EV innovation. As a result, eTukTuk is being hailed as one of the most important sustainability projects for the developing world this decade.

The project chose to replace the traditional tuk-tuk as it’s one of the region’s most popular modes of transportation.

With over 270 million registered globally, the legendary tuk-tuk is used daily to get around developing cities.

However, the tuk-tuk has been proven to emit more carbon emissions than traditional vehicles, making it a strong contributor to air pollution.

eTukTuk is set to change this through its Zero-emission Vehicle (ZEV), starting with Sri Lanka in 2024.

Three Wheeler EV Design Ushering In a New EV Sector

The three-wheeler EV design from eTukTuk is ushering in a new EV sector that experts believe will grow to become the largest by 2030.

The team spent over five years perfecting its EV design and is ready to launch it to the public in 2024.

The eTukTuk is built to be a reliable vehicle safer than the traditional tuk-tuk due to its patented roll cage design.

The vehicle can be locally manufactured with fewer than 200 components, helping drive costs lower.

1/ Hold onto your seats as we introduce eTukTuk – The Future of Urban Mobility.

In this thread, we’ll unveil the exceptional features that are set to transform the way we navigate our cities.

Safety, efficiency, and sustainability are just the beginning.

— eTukTuk (@eTukTukio) August 31, 2023

As a result, the team believes the operational expenditure for the vehicle will decrease by 78%, helping drivers take home a higher wage in pay.

In addition to the EV, eTukTuk intends to launch a charging network so drivers can charge their vehicles.

The team will be using Territory Partners on the ground to help the charging network grow rapidly, reducing start-up inefficiencies.

The Territory Partners will strategically place the charging network to ensure the frequency of charging for drivers.

Once the blueprint is set in Sri Lanka, eTukTuk will look to expand to further developing regions to expand its network.

$TUK Token: Earn As Charging Infrastructure Expands

The $TUK token is your way to earning a profit from this ecosystem, letting you earn long-term rewards as the charging infrastructure expands.

$TUK will power the entire ecosystem and will form the backbone of the project as the utility token.

Drivers will be required to use $TUK to pay for their vehicles through the Driver App.

Every time a driver charges, a network fee is created and distributed to all $TUK stakers on the network – providing them with a passive income.

As a result, the collective yield earned for $TUK holders increases as the charging infrastructure expands.

This helps to build a dynamic multi-revenue model that balances sustainability with innovation and long-term returns.

Get Positioned Before Prices Rise Further

The presale provides you with the perfect entry into this ecosystem as an early adopter of $TUK.

The momentum behind the presale continues growing after $TUK raised an impressive $445K this week.

This demonstrated the expanding confidence from investors regarding the future of the project.

$TUK can currently be purchased in the presale for $0.0255. The token can be purchased on the project’s website by swapping ETH, BNB, or USDT on the presale interface.

It’s important to note that presale uses a rising pricing strategy, meaning the cost of the token increases during subsequent presale phases.

As a result, those getting positioned earlier benefit the most as they get to enter the token at lower prices.

Furthermore, those staking their $TUK tokens are earning an impressive 540% APY on their investment during the presale.


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