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Bitcoin Miners Profit from Transaction Fees; Algorand and InQubeta Set for Positive Trajectory

The revenue that Bitcoin (BTC) miners earn from transaction fees has risen. Due to more Ordinals being signed, the projects’ network fees went up to over $37. The platform’s hash price has also increased, which is suitable for miners because it means they will earn much more from mining. With solid features and results, InQubeta (QUBE) and Algorand (ALGO) are set for a positive trajectory.

InQubeta is an innovative cryptocurrency that embodies technological advancement. The project allows investors to support artificial intelligence (AI) startups by providing rich and affordable AI investment opportunities. QUBE is one of the best altcoins in the market due to its community-driven governance and long-term gains. Algorand has come under investors’ radar with its Pure Proof-of-Stake (PPOS) model.

This article explores why InQubeta and Algorand are set for a positive trajectory.

InQubeta (QUBE): Bridging The Gap Between Innovative AI Projects And Investors 

InQubeta is one of the few crypto projects that provides a secure and profitable investment environment for the AI sector. This AI crypto is a force to reckon with because it is the first crypto crowdfunding platform for AI startups. The project offers a unique proposition to savvy investors who are also AI enthusiasts by allowing them to contribute to these startups through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). QUBE is the best DeFi crypto because of its positive trajectory and futuristic opportunities.

Before AI startups are listed on InQubeta’s NFT marketplace, they go through many checks to ensure they are safe and accessible. These new startups can get funds for their projects by making equity-based NFTs that reward supporters for their help. InQubeta is one of the best altcoins because its NFT marketplace promotes an efficient system for startups and investors.

In the sixth round of its ICO, the QUBE coin is worth $0.01925, and the presale is still ongoing. With over $7.6 million raised in funding, investors are very bullish on this coin. The presale sold more than 678 million QUBE tokens, which shows that InQubeta could be one of the best DeFi projects. Experts predict that the token will increase by 3000% once it launches.

Savvy investors can’t get enough of the project’s dedication to solving real-world issues. Whales who want to hop on the 100x train are leveraging this top ICO’s affordable presale prices. InQubeta’s unique positioning in the AI and crypto industries makes it an investor favorite, setting it up for a positive trajectory.

Algorand (ALGO): Enhancing Decentralization Through Its Scalable and Secure Network 

Algorand is a project committed to maximizing green energy and advanced smart contract capabilities. ALGO is focused on ensuring decentralized and secure operations within its network. ALGO is one of the promising projects positioned for a positive trajectory in 2024 because of its crypto-based foundations.

Algorand has announced the launch of its blockchain academy with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Following the project’s persistent price surge over the past week, Algorand landed another strategic partnership with the UNDP. This new development signals ALGO’s positive growth because of its market track record.

Bitcoin (BTC): The Project Skyrocketing Investor’s Earnings 

On December 20, 2023, Bitcoin’s hash rate soared to an all-time high. The hash prices indicate mining profitability, and BTC’s hash price surged to its highest in 19 months. BTC miners gained massive profits due to increased transaction fees, leading to miner fees reaching about $23.7 million.

Bitcoin’s Ordinals protocol witnessed increased trading activity despite the hostility from Bitcoin maximalists. In addition to this, the sales volume of Bitcoin NFTs eclipsed those of Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL). As BTC continues to grow, investors anticipate more developments on the platform.


InQubeta’s distinct crowdfunding ecosystem distinguishes it from other platforms. Many investors are interested in the project because it aims to change how AI businesses can receive funding. The revolutionary smart contract technology and lightning-fast operations of Algorand put it head and shoulders above the competition.

According to experts who have observed these projects’ growth and resilience, they are expected to continue on a favorable trajectory in 2024. People looking to diversify their portfolios with top ICO coins are rushing to the QUBE presale, hoping to make huge returns.

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