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“Boeing Warns: Inspect 737 Max Now for Loose Bolts!

Boeing is urging inspections of all 737 Max planes for a possible loose bolt in the aircraft wheel well. The aviation giant advised airlines to carry out a thorough check of the plane to see if there are any “unsecured components” in the wheel well area. The AFP news agency reported that the US aviation regulator, the Federal Aviation Administration, is also investigating the reports of the loose bolt. According to the safety directive, Boeing expects airlines to investigate suspected issue within 10 days. The directive further reads that there could be “substantial risks” if the bolt isn’t secured properly in the aircraft’s wheel well area. This news may be concerning for airlines who already have to manage the flight suspensions due to the 737 Max. The rule requires some 500 trips of the 737 Max planes, in 64 different airplanes from United Airlines, to be checked and cleared of the potential rescources before they can take off. It is unclear as to why the bolt may have become loose, however some reports suggests that it may be due to a production error. Boeing has already had to confront multiple safety issues with their 737 Max fleet. Following two fatal accidents, the company had to ground the planes for over a year. Due to the issue of the possible loose bolt, Boeing has assured that it is currently evaluating the steps it must take to address the problem. It also said that it would also offer full support to airlines that were affected and need to carry out the inspections. Today, airlines have to go to extra lengths to ensure the safety of passengers. Boeing’s production errors with the 737 Max have only highlighted the need for frequent and rigorous safety inspections to be carried out. The loose bolt may be a minor issue, however airlines must remain vigilant to avoid any more delays or further issues with the 737 Max fleet. It remains to be seen as to how the airlines, including United Airlines, will investigate the issue and replace the loose bolt if needed. Nevertheless, this issue further highlights the importance of safety checks in the aviation industry.