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Crypto Veteran Lyn Alden Targets $200,000 Bitcoin, Says $100,000 Would Be Disappointing for this Bull Market

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Well-known macro expert and crypto veteran Lyn Alden believes that a peak of $100,000 for Bitcoin (BTC) during the next bull market would be a rather underwhelming outcome for the ongoing bullish cycle.

Lyn Alden shared her thoughts on Bitcoin’s future price trajectory in a recent interview on the What Bitcoin Did podcast.

She emphasized the correlation between global liquidity and Bitcoin’s cycles, stating that the rise or fall of liquidity serves as a reliable indicator of Bitcoin’s performance. 

However, she also noted that this correlation does not provide a clear indication of how high or low Bitcoin’s price could go.

While liquidity offers a directional insight, estimating the magnitude of price movements is more challenging. 

Alden suggests that traditional models like stock-to-flow, which provide specific price predictions at certain dates, may not be as applicable to Bitcoin’s nature.

“Bitcoin is highly correlated with liquidity in terms of direction, but there’s very little way to judge a price from it. It’s not really useful for magnitude, so it’s not one of those stock-to-flow models where you can say, ‘Okay, at this date it should be this price.’”

Lyn Alden Expects Liquidity to Improve in 2024, 2025

Alden predicts a positive outlook for liquidity in the years 2024 and 2025, which could also benefit risk-on assets like Bitcoin. 

She envisions a scenario where Bitcoin experiences a rally of approximately 340% from its current price levels before the end of 2025.

“My base-case expectation is for new all-time highs, hopefully over $100,000, so hopefully six figures. But then literally that range… that range is entirely reasonable. I’d actually be hesitant to guess where that ends up,” she said. 

“I think that something like $100,000 plus would be kind of disappointing for a bull market cycle, especially after the prior bull market cycle was on the disappointing end, too. So I’d kind of hope for $200,000 or more over the next two-plus years.”

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $45,200, down by almost 1% over the past day. 

Analyst Expects Bitcoin to Hit $1 Million After ETF Approval

Samson Mow, CEO of Jan3, believes Bitcoin has the potential to skyrocket to $1 million within a matter of days to weeks following the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF.

He said the combination of limited Bitcoin supply on exchanges and a surge of institutional investment will drive the price to unprecedented levels in a remarkably short period of time.

“You’re hitting a very limited supply of Bitcoin on the exchanges and available for purchase with a torrent of money,” Mow stated. 

“This is why you can go really high all at one time.”

Mow highlighted the inflow of institutional capital that is expected to accompany the approval of a spot ETF, stating that there will be a torrent of money seeking to purchase the limited available Bitcoin on exchanges. 

The surge in demand, coupled with the scarcity of supply, could result in a rapid and substantial price increase.

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