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The Future of Bitcoin Is Here – In The Form of Predict-To-Earn Sensation Green Bitcoin (GBTC)

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Green Bitcoin (GBTC) has become a focal point of interest within the cryptocurrency community, attracting a significant influx of investors during its presale. The enthusiasm is evident as the total staked amount in GBTC has already surpassed 1.2 million.

The excitement is noticeable, with investors eagerly queuing up to participate in the forthcoming GBTC token presale. The project’s allure is primarily grounded in its remarkably low energy consumption, a characteristic that has captured considerable attention. Furthermore, the token pledges a variety of rewards, prompting a closer examination of these incentives. We delve into the essential factors behind the project’s promising outlook, while also providing a comprehensive overview of the presale.

Green Bitcoin’s Predict-To-Earn Is Gaining Traction

Green Bitcoin embodies various prevailing trends in the current cryptocurrency market, best seen in its Predict-To-Earn use case. Its notable attributes encompass active involvement in the crypto space, a steadfast dedication to eco-friendliness, and a focused emphasis on staking. These elements converge to give rise to what the project refers to as “Gameified Green Staking,” a design philosophy promising exponential rewards and the potential for token bonuses reaching up to 100%. This innovative approach is lauded as a seamless integration of Bitcoin’s well-established legacy and Ethereum’s environmentally-conscious blockchain, capturing the attention of a diverse audience.

The design philosophy maintains transparency and user-friendliness, introducing a unique staking model intricately linked with Bitcoin’s price dynamics while upholding an environmentally sustainable footprint. Participants engage in staking GBTC in tandem with Bitcoin’s price fluctuations and predictions, patiently awaiting the conclusion of the designated staking period before initiating claims.

Green Bitcoin functions as a Proof-of-Stake network, setting itself apart with an incredibly low energy consumption of only 35 Wh. This figure starkly contrasts with other networks such as BTC, BTC Cash, and BTC SV, emphasizing the project’s dedication to environmental sustainability. One notable aspect of Green Bitcoin is its weekly prediction challenges, promoting ongoing interaction within its user base.

The significance of the staking Annual Percentage Yield (APY) cannot be overstated, and Green Bitcoin excels in this aspect, currently boasting an impressive APY of 999%. This noteworthy percentage suggests a promising growth trajectory for the project. Shifting the focus to presale details, an enticing affiliate signup incentive of 15% adds an additional layer of appeal.

Clearly, Green Bitcoin distinguishes itself through its features, offering a unique proposition in the cryptocurrency landscape. The imminent entry into exchanges is anticipated to generate substantial interest, and the presale phase seems poised to have a significant impact. The upcoming weeks and months hold promise and potential for investors interested in early involvement with this emerging gem on its journey.

The Green Bitcoin (GBTC) Presale is Kicking Off

Prospective investors are strongly urged to engage in the initial phases of the token sale for optimal benefits, recognizing that early participation enhances potential growth opportunities. Positioned as a distinctive player in the cryptocurrency market, the token carries the potential to become a significant phenomenon, exerting a noteworthy impact in the crypto space. Given its potential, closely monitoring the project’s development and the presale is of utmost importance.

The presale unfolds in distinct phases, with the current price set at $0.4076. Once listed, the token will be available at $0.6. To date, it has successfully raised nearly $533,000.

A significant portion of the GBTC token supply, constituting 40%, is allocated for the presale, while 27.5% is dedicated to staking rewards. Marketing receives 17.5%, liquidity is assigned 10%, and the remaining 5% is earmarked for community rewards.

Following the presale, the team outlines key milestones, including the activation of staking and prediction features. After the token’s introduction to decentralized exchanges (DEXs), the team will pivot toward community building and ecosystem development.

Anticipation surrounds the token’s post-presale trajectory, with substantial growth potential anticipated. Providing investors with the opportunity to participate in eco-friendly practices and earn through staking, the token presents compelling features. Additional details will unfold in the coming weeks, prompting investors to stay tuned to Green Bitcoin’s social media channels.


The cryptocurrency landscape is swiftly evolving, and initiatives like Green Bitcoin (GBTC) are playing a prominent role in shaping its course. This endeavor not only brings advantages to all involved parties but also holds the potential to set innovative trends within the crypto sphere. We highly advise taking a look at the presale and actively engaging with the project’s social channels to gain a better understanding.


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