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“House GOP: Brace for Contracting Majority and Possible Shutdown Showdown!

As the clock ticks and the days move closer to the end of the fiscal year, the current House GOP majority is projected to shrink yet again, meaning that the government may be headed for a potential shutdown showdown come next fall. This is the second time the current GOP majority is set to shrink since the start of the current American term two years ago. Reports suggest that the latest projected losses in the majority may shrink to a narrow 218-216 edge, potentially setting the House up for a government shutdown as the deadline to fund the federal government approaches. According to The Hill, the slim margin of victory for the Republican party during the upcoming elections could open the door for Democrats to seize control of the House in the November elections. The Washington Post further predicts an uphill battle in November if the Republicans succeed in narrowly holding onto the power majority, as Democrats are projected to benefit from a strong midterm turnout and may be able to take control of both the House and Senate. Moreover, losses in the House could contribute to an even more partisan gridlock as the government approaches the fall deadline to fund the government for the next year. The current fiscal year ends on September 30 and aides to President Trump will need to negotiate with the Democratic leaders in order to pass any legislation that will ensure the ongoing operations of the federal government. The looming shutdown showdown will likely pose another serious test for President Donald Trump and his ability to facilitate a bipartisan agreement with Congress. The timing of the potential shutdown and eventual showdown may further embolden Democratic control, as it will likely to come in the midst of a hotly contested midterm election season. It remains to be seen how the House GOP majority will shape up after the midterm elections. However, the potential shrinking of the House majority due to the midterms could bring about a new set of battles on Capitol Hill that will test the nation’s capacity for compromise and moderation.