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Why Are Ethereum ETF Approvals Facing Delays? InQubeta Raises Over $8M in Presale

While crypto users had been keenly eyeing the launch of Ethereum (ETH) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) throughout 2023, their rollout has been slower than what many analysts expected. 

While crypto users might be frustrated by the delayed launch of spot ETFs, a lot of attention has been drawn to InQubeta’s (QUBE) eye-popping presale growth. The decentralized platform helps startups in finding investors for artificial intelligence-based projects. 

It joined the league of top crypto coins as its popularity witnessed a huge rise due to its unique use case. Presently, its presale funding stands at over $8 million.

InQubeta: Helping AI startups scale

For any startup looking to expand, a consistent flow of finances is necessary to sustain growth. InQubeta removes all hurdles that companies usually face during crowdfunding and helps them speed up AI innovation. 

The platform helps young enterprises create impactful solutions without worrying about fund shortages and is set to shape the future of the AI sector.

As all payments are made in terms of InQubeta’s native cryptocurrency, the QUBE token, transactions are processed smoothly. QUBE is built using the ERC-20 standard and has more than one role to play in the platform’s operations. 

One of its key roles is in governance. If there is a need to change the InQubeta protocol, it’s done by consulting the entire community. Once a proposed change is pitched, it is discussed internally and then put to a vote. Token holders use their discretion to allow only necessary changes to be made. These changes can also be suggested by community members.

Another notable feature of the QUBE token is its deflationary character. Tokens with such models control the asset’s market supply to shield its returns against inflation. When inflation rises, the QUBE token’s prices will still increase due to reduced availability. The scarcity pushes its value even as other assets’ prices are plummeting.

If the token supply increases for any reason, the extra stock is reduced by burning it. 

The burning mechanism is also used when there’s internal inflation. When QUBE tokens are bought or sold, there’s a small tax levied which goes towards maintenance of the platform. However, before the tax proceeds are added to the liquidity pool, a small part is burned to avoid an unwarranted rise in supply. 

The reason why many analysts call it a good crypto to buy is because of the multiple opportunities it paves for its holders. 

The cryptocurrency can be staked to earn a passive income. Crypto tokens are staked to support a blockchain’s development through stable liquidity levels.

In exchange, the token holders earn cryptocurrencies for as long as their asset is staked. These rewards are distributed from a pool that’s funded by tax collections.

Ethereum Name Service governance token price surges

Ethereum is blockchain-based technology that’s used for designing an array of Web 3.0 solutions like dApps, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. It is known for its potential to drive impact when combined with technologies like zero-knowledge. 

Its native cryptocurrency ETH is hailed as one of the best crypto investments available today.

There have been concerns lately over the delay in SEC approvals for Ethereum ETFs, but the cryptocurrency remains popular among buyers. In a filing in December 2023, the US Securities Exchange and Commission (SEC) stated that it was pushing back the deadline for a final decision on multiple Ethereum ETFs to May 2024. 

Explaining the delay, the regulatory body has claimed that it was busy with proceedings that involved gathering public feedback on the listing of ETFs. 

In a recent development, the governance token of Ethereum Name Service surged following its co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s comments about why it was a “super important” service for Layer 2 blockchains. The Ethereum ecosystem continues to come up with important updates, and loyal holders are busy accumulating at the current price levels. 

The Ethereum Name Service allows one to purchase domain names on the blockchain and use them for transferring assets. According to Buterin, the L2 blockchain was to improve user experiences by incorporating ENS domains.


Ethereum and InQubeta have had a stellar year in the past and analysts don’t see the status quo changing anytime soon. These tokens seem poised for huge rallies as the cryptocurrency sector starts attracting institutional investors. 

These two coins are the best altcoins to buy now, as they can diversify your portfolio while helping you explore new opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem. As the crypto sector grows, Ethereum and InQubeta are among the best bets for future gains.

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