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Bybit Provides NFT Ticket Marketplace for Robbie Williams’ Virtual Concert + More Top NFT News

The non-fungible token (NFT) market has seen a good start to the month, with green numbers topping the NFT news cycle.

The sales volume is up nearly 11% to $34,925,836.

Buyers and sellers are up 1%, and transactions have increased 14%.

When it comes to specific collections, among the top 10 by sales volume, the first place has been usurped. Froganas and CryptoPunks are among the few that often held it. But in just several hours, the newly-launched Tenjin jumped to the first spot with a volume of $1.8 million.

CryptoPunks are next, with a 937% increase to $1.68 million.

The only two red collections today are Uncategorized Ordinals and Froganas, with -31% and -52%, respectively.

Today in NFT news: Bybit is the Official NFT marketplace partner for Robbie Williams’ 25th anniversary concert, Ronin’s sales volume jumps 300% in a day, and becomes a dominant player in the inscription token market.

Bybit Provides NFT Ticket Marketplace for Robbie Williams’ 25th Anniversary Virtual Concert

Crypto exchange Bybit is collaborating with Hape2.0-LightCycle, the official partner of Robbie Williams’ 25th Anniversary Virtual Concert.

Per the press release making NFT news rounds, Bybit Web3 is the Official NFT Marketplace Partner for the upcoming virtual concert: “Robbie Williams Beyond Reality in LightCycle – A Virtual Music Experience.”

That means that the exchange is the official NFT marketplace for the sale of tickets and collectibles of the virtual live show.

“The show will be 2024’s most historic concert ever, featuring the iconic Robbie Williams, now in the Metaverse.”

Also, the announcement argued that this collaboration sets a new standard in the entertainment industry, “redefining the union between entertainment and blockchain.”

Therefore, the new partners announced three Web3 innovations brought by the collaboration. First, it combines memorabilia, concert tickets, and metaverse passports into one. The NFT marketplace provides an exclusive gateway for fans to secure tickets to Robbie Williams’ concert, it said.

Furthermore, it simplifies the user experience and equalizes access to Web3 and Web2 Robbie William fans. Fans can buy tickets from Bybit NFT Pro, and they stand to win tickets and signed concert merch from social giveaways.

The feeling you get when you hear:@Bybit_Web3 is the Official NFT Marketplace Partner for @LightCycle_City‘s upcoming concert with @robbiewilliams

Huge shoutout to the amazing crowd! Brace yourselves for the concert, as we’re thrilled to reveal Bybit Web3 as the Official NFT…

— Bybit (@Bybit_Official) January 31, 2024

Ronin’s Sales Volume Jumps 300% in a Day

Ethereum-based Ronin network is today’s best performer among the top 10 blockchains by NFT sales volume.

It is up 288%, taking tenth place with $371,097. The second-best performer is Arbitrum, with a 105% increase to $529,683.

Meanwhile, Ethereum holds the first place tightly with $14.4 million in sales volume. It’s followed by Bitcoin and Solana, respectively, both of which recorded drops.


Ronin is an EVM blockchain crafted for developers building games with player-owned economies. Sky Mavis, the company behind the popular play-to-earn NFT game Axie Infinity, is also behind the Ronin blockchain.

Ronin recently announced “a chunky update” to its official wallet, set to be rolled out over fourteen days.

Notably, on Tuesday, Sky Mavis launched the seventh in-game competitive season in Axie Infinity Origins – ‘Epic Era,’ Season 7.

“18,900 AXS and 13,732,070 SLP is on the line this Epic Era! That’s double the rewards from Rare Era,” the blog post stated.

Following this, earlier on Wednesday, an Axie sold for 105 ETH ($245,843).

What’s Special In The Ronin Ecosystem In The Last 24 hours?@AxieInfinity Origins S7 Epic Era is Live with prizes totaling 18,9K $AXS and 13,732,070 $SLP

An Agamogenesis Axie has been sold for $251K!@playwildforest has announced a BIG Update

Enjoy today’s update

— Nathann.eth (@0xxNathan) January 31, 2024 as Dominant Player in Inscriptions Market: Averages 30% of Exchange Token Share

Crypto exchange said it has established “a dominant position in the Inscription token market.”

According to the press release,

“Of the 31 popular Inscription assets has listed, it’s averaged a 44% share of total daily volume and a 33% share of tokens held on exchanges, peaking at 92%.”

It has seen over 10% exchange token share for 27 Inscription tokens and 30% for 14.

Furthermore, “held high positions” in the CMC exchange volume ranking on 23 of 31 (74%) tokens it has listed.

The exchange has attributed its newfound Inscription market position to its multi-chain and -protocol support for users and project creators in the Inscription ecosystem, the announcement said.

Moreover, this month, announced the launch of its Inscription Launchpad, Navigation, and Market, supporting Inscriptions across multiple protocols and popular blockchains.

How to easily participate in the #Inscription project?

#scriptionLunchpad offer 3 new projects

Follow @gateio_web3 to get potential inscription tokens

— (@gate_io) January 31, 2024

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