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DipSway’s AI Spot Bot: A New Frontier in the Crypto Trading Bot Market


DipSway offers plans for all wallet sizes with some of the most competitive pricing in the trading bot market. Each plan includes a free 7-day trial to check if it suits your trading needs.

DipSway is changing the landscape of cryptocurrency trading with its state-of-the-art AI spot bot. This innovative tool, launched in early 2023, is specifically designed for traders, investors, algo traders, and enthusiasts in the crypto space who seek a competitive edge. The AI spot bot by DipSway is engineered to deliver superior performance, adapting seamlessly to fluctuating market conditions and consistently striving to exceed the performance of the average trader.

For the Smart Crypto Trader

DipSway recognizes the need for a reliable, fully automated trading bot with a minimal configuration, constant evolving strategy and transparent results. Savvy crypto adopters understand that institutions have the upper hand in trading, while 96% of individual traders struggle to gain profits and quit. DipSway’s AI spot bot is designed to address this imbalance, offering a superior trading tool to the average crypto enthusiast.

Disrupting the Market

DipSway is not just introducing a product; it’s disrupting the entire crypto trading bot market. The company’s vision is to emerge as a leading force in the industry, increasing brand awareness and driving the adoption of its innovative spot AI bot.

The Future is Here with DipSway

The platform, which is fully cloud-hosted and operates 24/7, currently focuses on offering an AI spot bot that autonomously executes trades on behalf of users. DipSway has an ambitious and transparent roadmap, with significant developments on the horizon, including:

An AI Futures bot;
An autopilot bot with auto-adjusting configurations;
Signals and API-Endpoint;
TradingView signal automation integration.

With a quick API connection setup and guides for each supported exchange, DipSway takes pride in its simplicity. Users can configure their trading preferences, selecting from over 315+ crypto assets and specifying their buy order sizes. Also, the AI bot can trade concurrently up to 5, 15, or all crypto available on the connected exchange, depending on the plan the user chooses.

Safety is a fundamental priority with DipSway. API connections are secured with restricted IP addresses, ensuring robust communication and safety. Notably, deposits and withdrawals are not permitted on the DipSway platform; all assets remain in users’ wallets on the connected centralized exchange.

Transparency and User Empowerment

In line with its core values, DipSway provides live performance data of the bots. An upcoming leaderboard feature will enable users to emulate the most successful users bots, simplifying the trading experience.

Join the DipSway Community

Read the public roadmap here to learn more about how DipSway is setting new standards in crypto trading.

DipSway official website:

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“Helping you towards a more profitable crypto journey.” ~ DipSway


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