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Promising new NFTs: DogeBirds, Moonbirds on Dogecoin

Dogebirds: Going to fly to the moon?

Dogebirds is a new collection of Moonbirds registered on the Dogecoin blockchain. It’s a winning combo. Its launch is eagerly awaited, and is scheduled for early February on the reference site  You can find their news on their networks:

Site :

Let’s see in this article whether this collection has great potential or not.

What is the potential of Moonbirds?

Cute Moonbirds design 

Moonbirds are historically a collection of NFTs using the Ethereum blockchain. Moonbirds are pixel art, depicting very cute birds.

Highly attractive to investors 

This collection is the 8th largest collection with the most volume in the world, according to Opensea the reference site for NFT on the EVM-compatible blockchain.

Moonbirds has a huge following

According to the Inspect website, 65% of Moonbirds owners have added their bird to their Twitter profile picture. 65% is a huge proportion, which proves that Moonbirds buyers are big fans and only intend to keep them for the long term.

Moonbirds no rights reserved

The Moonbirds collection is the largest CC0 collection. What does this mean?Moonbirds is a CC0 collection, also known as Creative Commons, which means “royalty-free” intellectual property. Under this copyright, the creators of Moonbirds relinquish legal rights to their works and place them in the public domain, allowing anyone to use the work without restrictions. This has created a worldwide craze as everyone appropriates these birds, creating a snowball effect.

Dogebirs uses the fundamentals of Moonbirds 

Thanks to CC0, the Dogebirds collection is able to use the design of a collection that is already world-renowned, proven and successful.Dogebirds (Moonbirds on the Dogecoin blockchain) are not a simple copy of the historical Moonbirds (Moonbirds on the Ethereum blockchain). It’s much better than that.Dogebirds is a regeneration of historical Moonbirds. In other words, since Moonbirds are free of copyright, it’s possible to use every single feature (every eye, every mouth, every hat, every body, etc.) and generate a new, unique collection. What’s more, backgounds have been completely changed for Dogebirs to match the color of Dogecoin (dark yellow, light yellow, white and gray).

Dogecoin’s unsuspected potential?

Dogecoin has many fans

Dogecoin is one of the world’s best-known blockchains, and one of the world’s most popular because its world appeals to so many people. This blockchain has a huge fan base, with a self-proclaimed #DogeArmy community.

Great interest in the eyes of investors

Dogecoin is the 10th crypto with the largest market capitalization in the world. This proves its interest in the eyes of investors.

Space-X’s DOGE-1 space mission

Around February 15, 2024, SpaceX’s special mission, paid for by Dogecoin, will send a satellite spinning in orbit around the moon.

Dogecoin will invade the global financial system

Elon Musk had mentioned on his Twitter that it was inevitable that Dogecoin would invade the global financial system. He noted the composition of his crypto portfolio during an interview: Bitcoin Ethereum and Dogecoin.Recently the mon “dogecoin” was found in’s code at the same time as they released their Xpayments account and obtained a banking license.

Twitter ( changed its logo to Dogecoin

In April 2023, Elon Musk changed Twitter’s ( logo to Dogecoin, causing its price to skyrocket.

Dogebirs harnesses the community power of Dogecoin

The Dogebirds collection is registered on the Dogecoin blockchain, which is already attracting Doge fans to acquire Dogebirds quickly.

The potential of DRC-20 / Doginals

Explanations of Ordinals

Perhaps you’ve heard of Ordinals? It’s a new protocol launched at the end of 2022 that creates an ecosystem on the bitcoin blockchain. This is a revolution, as it is now possible to create tokens (called BRC-20), register images (“NFT” called Ordinals) on the bitcoin blockchain and even decentralized finance, smart contracts, etc…


Bitcoin Ordinals unique users by marketplace. Source: Dune analytics

Doginals explained

Then came the Doginals protocol. Now it’s possible to do the same thing on the Dogecoin blockchain. So create DRC-20 tokens on dogecoin and also register images on the Dogecoin blockchain (Doginals).Unlike Ethereum’s NFTs, where images are stored on servers.

Elon Musk prefers Ordinals / Doginals (Not NFT Ethereum)

In an interview at the end of 2023 Elon Musk explained “The funny thing is that the NFT isn’t even on the blockchain – it’s just a URL to the JPEG (..) You have to at least encode the JPEGs in the blockchain.” He’s right, there is greater value if the image really is on the blockchain. The Dogebirds collection is listed on the Dogecoin blockchain.

Dogebird : To the moon or not to the moon ?

How much can you win?

A Moonbirds on Ethereum currently costs $2,700, while a Dogebirds will be sold for just $7.Dogebirds is a winning combo because it’s a mix between Dogecoin and Moonbirds, which are already successes in their own right, so logically this collection will also be a success.The proof is in the bitcoin blockchain. The “Bitcoin Moonbirds” are already worth $12,000 each.The Dogebirds will be sold for $7 each, so the earning potential is very high over the next 12 to 24 months.

Dogebirds supported by major media & investors

– @Jonathan__Nowak: Investor since 2016 with 64,000 Fructify Youtube subscribers- Onur @0xc06 : Web 3 advisor and trader with over 100,000 Twitter followers- @GemsScope: NFT and crypto investor with over 160,000 followers- SR Crypto @srpromote: International crypto and NFT media with over 700,000 subscribers- Matt @MattInWeb3: Entrepreneur and investor with over 110,000 subscribers- Mercek @WorldOfMercek: Web 3 media with over 86,000 subscribers- And more are on the way…

Launch early February on 

10,000 Dogebirds will go on sale in early February here: Each Dogebir will be sold for just $7 and a maximum of 100 can be purchased per wallet.

How can I invest?

– Create a Doge Labs Wallet here:
– Go to your favorite exchange, such as Binance:
– Calculate the amount of Dogecoin you want to buy. Ask yourself how many Dogbirds you want to invest? $20? 50$ ? 100$ ? 500$ ? 700$ ?
– Based on this amount, buy the equivalent in Dogecoin. As a reminder, it’s not possible to buy more than 100 Dogebirds per wallet (a Dogebird is $7 each).
– Go to your wallet (binance?), find your Dogecoins and click on withdraw.
– Copy the address of your Doge Labs Wallet
– Go back to your favorite exchange (such as Binance) and add this withdrawal address.
– Withdraw all your Dogecoins via the Dogecoin blockchain.
– Wait about 30 min and you’ll see your Dogecoins in your Doge Labs Wallet.
– Join their discord to win a White list, to maximize your chances of being able to invest.
– Be there on launch day as soon as it opens, to maximize your chances of buying.
– Go here: – Click on “+” to increase the number of DogeBirds you wish to invest.
– Click on “mint”, your Doge Labs Wallet will open, click on confirm.
– Your Dogebirds will be stored in your Doge Labs Wallet.
– Keep them for 12 to 24 months, then put them up for sale here:
– Keep up to date with news on their networks:

Twitter :


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

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