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Google Unveils Gemini: The Next Evolution of AI Chatbots

Google Unveils Gemini: The Next Evolution of AI Chatbots

Google rebrands Bard to Gemini, aligning with its AI model suite. Announces Gemini Ultra 1.0 subscription at $19.99/month through Google One. Rollout reaches over 150 countries, initially offering services in English, with plans for more languages.

In a significant shift within the artificial intelligence domain, Google announced major updates to Bard, its AI chatbot and assistant, on Thursday. The service has been rebranded as Gemini, aligning with the suite of AI models that power the new-look chatbot. This change signals a renewed direction for Google’s AI projects.

Google’s strategy to enhance Gemini’s accessibility is clear with the introduction of a dedicated Android app and its integration into the Google app for iPhone users. This move ensures users across major mobile platforms can easily interact with Gemini, underscoring Google’s dedication to AI-driven productivity enhancement.

Introducing Gemini Ultra 1.0: Premium AI for $19.99/Month

The transition to Gemini underscores Google’s commitment to advancing AI technology, as Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai emphasised. Pichai envisions an AI agent capable of a wide range of tasks, highlighting the company’s goal to dominate the AI assistant market. This effort aligns with broader trends among tech giants, such as Microsoft and Amazon, towards developing future productivity solutions.

A key highlight from Thursday’s announcement is the launch of Gemini Ultra 1.0, available through a new AI subscription model. For $19.99 a month through Google One, this premium offering targets users desiring the utmost in Google’s AI technology, including perks for Google One subscribers and a two-month free trial.

Gemini’s Global Rollout: Over 150 Countries in English

Gemini’s rollout covers over 150 countries and territories, initially available in English. Google plans to add more languages, including Japanese and Korean, showcasing its ambition for Gemini to overcome language barriers. Gemini should revolutionise tasks such as scheduling, travel, and shopping with its initial capabilities in summarisation, list-making, and coding assistance.

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