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SUI Records All-Time Peak with 98% Monthly TVL Jump: Render Competitor Gains Attention in Crypto World

Sui (SUI) is one of the best altcoins to invest in right now, as it recently surpassed a major milestone when tokens set a new high at $1.65. That takes its price growth in the past month to 88%, with its total locked value increasing by 98%. Sui’s ecosystem aims to make digital asset ownership accessible to all, and it supports a wide range of decentralized applications. Some analysts are calling SUI’s recent surge a sign of more growth to come.

InQubeta (QUBE) remains one of the top ICOs in the cryptocurrency space as its presale raises over $8.6 million. It offers a decentralized crowdfunding platform that links artificial intelligence (AI) startups with sources of capital. It provides a more accessible alternative to traditional investing mediums.

Render (RNDR) was one of the leading AI cryptos in 2023, and it gave its investors more than 149% returns. It allows miners to monetize unused processing power by connecting them with companies and people who need additional power.

InQubeta (QUBE) emerging as one of the top altcoins in the artificial intelligence space

InQubeta has been more profitable than Render in the past 12 months, giving its investors 220% returns compared to RNDR’s 149% growth. The utility InQubeta provides positions the project for considerable growth in the coming years.

Traditional investment mediums have historically been the only way investors can invest in emerging AI startups, but most people don’t qualify to use their services. InQubeta looks to democratize access to such investment opportunities by creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem for startups and investors.

AI firms don’t just get to raise funds on the InQubeta network, they also get access to services like marketing and legal advice. Investors are also equipped with all the information they need to make educated decisions when shopping for AI startups to invest in.

How InQubeta’s crowdfunding investment space works

AI startups that are approved to raise capital on the network get access to the NFT marketplace, where they can create non-fungible tokens (ERC20 coins) that function as digital proof of investment opportunities. Some of these tokens offer investors equity, while others offer rewards like discounts on items developed. Investors use the project’s native currency to make purchases on the NFT marketplace. QUBE can be secured with cryptocurrencies or fiat.

Tokens purchased on InQubeta’s network can be resold at any time, so there’s lots of liquidity in the marketplace. Investors can also choose to invest in InQubeta’s future by holding on to QUBE or staking their tokens to earn more periodically. QUBE prices are expected to grow as much as 100x once available on exchanges, so a $100 investment today could be worth $10,000 this time next year.

Sui (SUI) enjoys 88% price surge in the past 30 days

Sui prices have enjoyed significant growth in the past month, and developments like its recent partnership with Alibaba Cloud are being credited for its recent price surge. The move will provide more resources for developers in its ecosystem with the Move programming language. Other recent developments that have helped to propel SUI prices include a partnership with top DeFi project Solana. The latter intends to expand its Solana platform to the SUI ecosystem.

Render (RNDR) poised for substantial gains

Render’s utility has allowed it to rapidly expand its user base, and there’s a good chance it will enjoy more growth this year if Bitcoin prices rise exponentially, as expected. Like InQubeta, Render’s GPU distribution ecosystem is hosted on the Ethereum network.


QUBE, RNDR, and SUI are three of the best coins to invest in right now to grow your capital exponentially. QUBE is set for the most price increases as it helps to guide over $1.5 trillion to AI startups in the next several years.

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