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Quantum G Force Review – Scam or Legitimate Trading Platform

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content

With content highlighting the presence of both autonomous and manual trading features, Quantum G Force promises users a way to optimize their daily returns. The official website states that users will be exposed to a sophisticated trading strategy that will allow them to make gains even when the market is volatile. How true are these claims?

That’s the question explored by this Quantum G Force review for 2024.

Quantum G Force – Summary

Supported Assets
Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Litecoin

Accuracy Rate
Makes no mention of its accuracy rate

Mobile App
Offers no mobile-based Quantum G Force application

Does not mention any fee-related details

Customer Support
24/7 customer support is available; modes are unknown

Withdrawal Speed
No details available about the withdrawal speeds

Minimum Deposit

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Quantum G Force?

The bullish scenario that Bitcoin is going through has put it closer to its coveted $50k goal. But now that the halving is upon us, an eminent volatile price action is coming that can break or make the market. Such conditions call for the presence of automated trading systems that can navigate the market more easily and hands-free.

Quantum G Force claims to provide these features. With a name reminiscent of a financial force and attributes that combine autonomous and manual trading systems, Quantum G Force makes several promises in a bid to appeal to both veteran and novice traders.

It claims that users leveraging the platform can tap into robust market analysis tools in order to get a bird’s eye view of the market. Another tool that the platform has highlighted is a crypto trading bot, which reportedly offers hands-free trading facilities thanks to artificial intelligence.

The bot will reportedly work by constantly scanning the market to look for legitimate signals to act upon. With the platform’s manual trading features, users will reportedly engage with direct trading.

Supporting these facilities is a user interface that Quantum G Force says is both optimal and easy to access. Using this platform, however, is not entirely costs free. While the website does not highlight any fee details, it does ask investors to deposit at least $250 to get started.

First-hand accounts to verify these claims don’t exist. However, many third-party reviews covering the websites have a positive outlook. Therefore, investors must do their own research before investing and must invest only what they can afford to lose.

Quantum G Force Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Quantum G Force that we found upon analyzing the website:


Claims to provide an intuitive user interface
Support for multiple cryptocurrencies
Simple sign-up procedure
Account manager support is available
Autonomous and manual trading facilities
Robust market analysis tools
Round-the-clock customer support


No information is available about the founders
No way to verify the claims made by the platform
The site only offers one mode to talk to the customer support team
The platform requires a deposit of $250 to get started

How Does Quantum G Force Work?

Quantum G Force Ai, as it’s also known, asserts that it supports both autonomous and manual trading systems. While it hasn’t highlighted how it works, we can make out its operational mechanism based on this information.

Users who come to the website are met with a simple sign-up button, that we can attest to. It doesn’t require any invasive information or any KYC details. Investors can use that to create an account, after which they will be asked to deposit $250.

Once users have made the deposit, they may interact with the platform’s trading systems. Per the website, a personal account manager will be assigned to them to help them navigate the facilities available. It is at that juncture that investors can decide whether to stick with autonomous trading or go more hands-on with the manual trading facility.

The manual trading facility will reportedly give users access to advanced charting and market analysis tools. The website states that users will also get a guide that they can read to start using the website without a hitch.

Those who veer towards a more hands-off approach to trading can dive into Quantum G Force’s autonomous trading features. The platform’s integrated artificial intelligence reportedly scans the market and generates crypto trading signals that the bot acts upon to execute trades without getting the investors involved.

Underscoring these facilities is reportedly a security system that includes SSL encryption and other measures. The website doesn’t provide much details in this regard.

This is the entire gist of how we believe the site might work. A talk with the customer support team may provide a better explanation of the platform’s operational methodology.

Quantum G Force – Top Features

Listed below are the key features that Quantum G Force is said to deliver to its user base.

Intuitive Trading Platform

Per the website, users who will come to the platform will find its interface to be intuitive and simple. These features will reportedly include a comprehensive trading guide as well as other robust tools to help investors fine-tune their trading strategies before moving forward.

Advanced Trading Facilities

The Quantum G Force app will reportedly make it possible for users to navigate the crypto market easily. Backed by advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, these advanced trading facilities are said to deliver comprehensive market analysis and crypto signals that allow investors to generate gains even under bearish market conditions.

Multi-Device Support

Per the website, users will be able to leverage the platform’s facilities anywhere, thanks to its multiple-device support. Since Quantum G Force is a web-based application, users can access it on smartphones, computers, and even tablets.

Robust Online Security

Quantum G Force is said to deliver robust online security to its user base. It reportedly employs state-of-the-art encryption technology to fortify protection for users’ personal details. The platform also highlights that it has implemented standard security protocols such as SSL encryption to provide an added layer of security to customer’s information.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Quantum G Force states that it provides round-the-clock customer support in multiple languages. The team providing this support is reportedly knowledgeable about the crypto realm and helps investors understand the platform’s analytical tools and other nuanced trading systems.

Leveraged Trading Facility

According to the website, Quantum G Force offers leveraged trading, letting investors trade using borrowed funds. This more-risk-more-reward approach is said to be only for advanced traders. However, the platform hasn’t mentioned how much funds investors can borrow to use this facility.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Quantum G Force Fees

Quantum G Force hasn’t highlighted a single detail about its fee. There is no mention of there being a withdrawal fee, deposit fee, or transaction fee. We also couldn’t find any discussions about a subscription fee. Some third-party reviews have lauded the platform’s fee-free structure. But we believe that isn’t true. There might be a fee involved, and investors must inquire about them during the sign-up process before committing any funds.

Quantum G Force Minimum Deposit

Quantum G Force states that investors are required to deposit a minimum of $250 in order to commence trading. Since the platform has similar aesthetics and functionalities as other AI crypto trading bots we have covered in the past, we believe that this amount is the initial seed capital that the onboarded trading system would use to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Is Quantum G Force a Scam?

In order to mark a trading platform as a scam or a legitimate trading facility, we must look at the facilities that it claims to provide and weigh those claims against user experiences. However, things aren’t as cut and dry with Quantum G Force.

For one, the details available on the platform, although many, don’t consist of any large claims. It does not guarantee any profits. In fact, it points out the issues related to crypto trading and the fallacy in believing that crypto trades will only generate profit.

Furthermore, it also doesn’t highlight any ridiculous win rates, which is another factor to consider when choosing the right trading platform.

On the other hand, however, the claims it has made cannot be verified. Testing the website is impossible without making a minimum deposit, and only a few third-party reviews have covered it. While most reviews among them have pointed out the positive points about the platform, they have also failed to conclude whether this platform is legitimate or a scam.

The lack of founder-related details and fee-related information is another factor that gives us pause. The lack of founder details leads us to question this website’s transparency, and the lack of fee details is concerning because there might be some hidden charges present on the website.

Another issue that we have is with the site’s aesthetics. It is similar to other trading platforms that we have reviewed in the past: Immediate EWave. It also has similar content with slight rewording as if ChatGPT was involved in its content creation.

However, these factors aren’t enough for us to mark this platform as a scam. The website has provided us with a risk note at the bottom of the screen with large text, and it has informed us that the term “Quantum G Force” is used for marketing purposes only. That indicates this website is a gateway to other trading systems. Which systems are they? We don’t know.

Therefore, considering the mixed nature of the information we have about this platform, investors are advised to tread carefully. Only invest a minimum amount and know that crypto trading doesn’t guarantee profits.

Investors who want to be even more careful should consider investing in new crypto assets that give early moving opportunities.

How to Use Quantum G Force?

The following steps are required to start using Quantum G Force:

Step 1 – Register on Quantum G Force

The first step investors must take is to go to the official Quantum G Force website. Once there, they can initiate the sign-up procedure, which is easy to follow. Only details one is required to enter consist of name, email, and phone number. Cautious investors can give a burner number instead to complete registration through email only.

Step 2 – Deposit the Required Amount

Investors must then make a deposit of $250 to get access to their dashboard. While the website does not highlight the payment modes available, a handful of third-party reviews have stated that investors make a deposit using standard fiat methods.

Step 3 – Start Trading on Quantum G Force

Commence trading once the account has been funded. Talk to the customer support team to learn about how the features work. After getting familiar with the platform, start small and only increase the deposits if Quantum G Force yields results.

How to Delete a Quantum G Force Account?

The website provides no details about how one can delete their Quantum G Force accounts. Investors must talk to the customer support team in this regard.

Have Celebrities Endorsed Quantum G Force?

Quantum G Force is a new website, and considering only a handful of reviews that we could find of it online, it is unnatural to suggest that the platform has any celebrity backing. The platform is yet to gain significant notoriety in the market to warrant celebrity interest. Therefore, don’t fall for any claims that say celebs are backing this trading platform.

Who is the Founder of Quantum G Force?

Quantum G Force hasn’t said anything significant about its founders. The About Us page only talks about a team of entrepreneurs creating this website. By all accounts, the founders of this platform are anonymous, which is not far from the norm.

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The Verdict

Quantum G Force advertises itself as a hybrid trading platform that allows investors to trade hands-free or using its hands-on trading facilities. But even though it doesn’t make any large claims or guarantee any profits, proofs to support what it says are not available online.

No one knows who its founders are, and customer testimonials are absent. While these can be attributed to the anonymous nature of the founders and the recent launch of this trading platform, the lack of information is still a cause of concern. Investors must be careful when using this website. Alternatively, they can invest in crypto presales to make gains on assets that are yet to go live on exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


Is Quantum G Force legit?

Quantum G Force does not make any large claims or guarantee any profits. However, evidence to support what it does say is not available online. Third-party reviews are too one-dimensional, and customer testimonials are absent. Investors must do their own research before investing in this platform.

How much does Quantum G Force charge for its services?

Quantum G Force hasn’t revealed its fee structure on the website’s content. Investors must talk to the customer support team to get information in this regard.

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