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Viral Passive Income Casino Platform Offers Incredible Valentine’s Day Bonus Offer As Presale Approaches Conclusion – $4.1 Million Already Raised.

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The viral passive income casino platform Scorpion Casino recently announced an incredible Valentine’s Day bonus ahead of its imminent exchange listing announcement.

With the presale hitting its final stages, the Valentine’s Day offer provides the perfect opportunity to get positioned in this passive income platform before the presale closes.

Investors are rushing to get positioned as early adopters as they believe the passive income potential will provide a long-term income stream. As a result, Scorpion Casino has already raised an incredible $4.1 million in fundraising – here’s why.

Scorpion Casino Surges Past $4.1 Million as Investors Hurry For Passive Income Gains

Scorpion Casino has raised an incredible $4.1 million in its presale as investors rush toward its passive income stream.

The project intends to build the most renowned crypto-based gambling platform where its players can earn a share of the revenues generated through gaming.

As a result, the passive income generated will increase as the platform grows in adoption, with an upside limit of $10,000 USDT per day in daily passive staking.

Scorpion Casino has been running profitably for over a year and has already paid out well over $100,000 in passive income to its holders.

Investors are keen to become early adopters as they believe the $SCORP token will see consistent value appreciation alongside the passive income stream it provides.

Furthermore, Scorpion Casino is a fully licensed platform, obtaining its credentials from the Curacao eGaming licensing entity – making the platform transparent and fair for players.

The project also has high-profile backers, such as Tenset – a highly respected crypto incubator that’s helped previous presale projects see enormous success. For example, Tenset helped Meta Hero surge over 100x and enter the top 250-ranked projects, and investors believe it can produce similar returns for $SCORP.

Team Announces Special Valentine’s Day Offer for 72 Hours Only!

The team recently announced a special Valentine’s Day offer for the next 72 hours, causing a wave of last-minute investment into the project.

The Valentine’s Day offer provides users with a 35% bonus on top of their purchase if they quote the unique code “VAL35” when making their purchase.

The bonus offering will go live at 4 PM UTC today and run for 72 hours until the 16th of February at 4 PM UTC.

The bonus provides the final opportunity to get positioned in $SCORP at a lower price (on average) than the current presale cost, offering a lower entry opportunity for newcomers.

With the presale quickly reaching its conclusion, this is certainly an opportunity not to miss if you’ve been waiting to enter $SCORP.

Web3 Gold Standard: Scorpion Casino Provides Consistent Passive Gains – Here’s How

The best part about Scorpion Casino is that it provides consistent passive gains through its revenue-sharing model, which is uncorrelated to the overall crypto market movements.

The project will use a slice of the platform’s revenues to buy back $SCORP tokens from the open market.

The buybacks provide a source of demand for $SCORP, helping to create a consistent price floor.

The team will then send half of the tokens purchased through platform revenues to $SCORP stakers on the network, providing them a passive income.

The other half is then sent to a burner wallet to be removed from circulation, creating a form of deflation in the ecosystem.

Experts believe that the rising demand through buybacks and the falling supply through deflation will create an avenue for $SCORP to see consistently higher prices over the long term.

Get Positioned Today Before Presale Ends

With an exchange listing announcement expected within the next 48 hours, the presale is quickly reaching its conclusion.

The current Valentine’s Day Bonus offer provides the perfect entry into $SCORP before the presale ends, allowing you to enter at lower prices.

$SCORP is essential to the overall Scorpion Casino ecosystem and will be used as the platform’s default gambling and payment method – providing it with a source of real utility.

The presale is selling the $SCORP token at a price of $0.029. With a listing price set at $0.05, this provides a handsome return as soon as the token is listed on exchanges. However, most investors are expecting much higher 10x returns.

Overall, Scorpion Casino is ready to change the definition of revenue-sharing with its passive income model.

Don’t forget to quote VAL35 to receive a 35% bonus on your $SCORP purchase over the next 72 hours.


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