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MIA, BINU, TYGBS, XJOBS Blast Coins Surge 20,000% Instantly as Experts Eye This Next Big Crypto Winner

Meme coin markets on new layer-2 blockchain Blast have exploded over the past 24-hours, as high-risk traders rush to make major gains on the low gas fee network.

This article will provide an analysis of current trending tokens and look to see whether another new crypto, Green Bitcoin, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.

All eyes will be on blast today. Great time to accumulate before money comes back to Solana meme coins.

What should I pick up?

— Crypto Cawn (@CryptoCawn) February 29, 2024

Explosive price action on Blast comes in the midst of the latest shift in meme coin markets, which have seen trading activity bounce between blockchains such as Solana and Base in recent months due to high gas fees for ERC-20 tokens.

MIA Price Analysis: Sensational Pump and Dump Move

Kicking things off is MIA, which orchestrated a classic pump and dump amid the sensational hysteria surrounding Blast meme coins.

Now trading at a market price of $0.068 (representing a 24-hour change of -94.5%), MIA token caught quick traction upon launch at 12:00 (UTC) on February 29.

Initial price action fuelled a +22,525% increase across just 5-hours, leaving early backers sat on immense gains as price topped out at $4.

Yet, all was too good to be true, as high-risk traders were hit hard by sudden dumping moves, that triggered a cascading bleed-out down to current price levels.

With MIA’s market cap left at $67k – it seems as good as over for this quickfire pump and dump.

BINU Price Analysis: Latest Shiba Inu Incarnation Posts Major Pump

Next up is Blast Inu (BINU), which poised itself as the next omnichannel incarnation of the legendary Shiba Inu meme coin.

Achieving a greater degree of success than MIA, Blast Inu is currently trading at a market price of $0.0014 (representing a 24-hour change of +26,423%).

Launched at 16:00 (UTC) on February 29, BINU price gained instant attention from eagle-eyed traders, with a major 5-hour pump move fuelling a whopping 8,476% gain.

In the hours since, a healthy retracement has set into the BINU chart, however, BINU appears to be avoiding a capitulation dump after catching lower support at $0.0005.

This could set the stage for a second rally leg, with the show of strength and larger liquidity pool ($150k) providing a more appealing trade for the risk-tolerant than MIA.

TYGBS Price Analysis: Heading For Major Skyrocket Breakout As Rally Technical Structure Sustains

Shifting our attention across the street to rival recent L2 Base, Base Goddess (TYGBS) has undertaken major value accrual – with price action witnessing substantial gains over the past 24 hours.

Amid the ongoing rally, Base Goddess is currently trading at a market price of $0.0000049 (representing a 24-hour change of +125%).

This comes after TYGBS has successfully sustained more than 2-days of upside price moves, from a launch price of just $0.000000002 to an all-time high of $0.000000557.

Delivering more than a +16,131% return for early backers, TYGBS is impressive amongst meme coins, but even more impressive has been the successful defense of a significant -43% retracement move since the all-time high.

TYGBS holders have held their nerve and continued to stack, leaving Base Goddess poised for further rally gains.

XJOBS Price Analysis: Solana Meme Coins Continue to Dominate Consistent Skyrocketing Gains

Despite the allure of flashy new L2-based meme coins, Solana continues to be the mainstay of meme coin trading.

Nowhere is this more clear than in the comeback of the latest Solana pump XJOBS, which is currently trading at a market price of $0.0083 (representing a 24-hour change of +693%).

After the initial +57,838% rally met with rejection at $0.00295, a well-defended -85% retracement down to lower support at $0.0004 set the stage for a major +1780% pump to post a new all-time high.

XJOBS price action now sits in price exploration, yet, with XJOB’s market cap of just $841k, it seems that there could be as much as a 2-3x return left in the chart.

Could There Be A Better Play Than Meme Coins Pre-Bitcoin Halving?

But despite these alluring charts, some experts warn that retail investors should exercise caution around meme coins, not least of all due to the immense volatility in the charts, but also due to the cyclical nature of crypto bull markets.

Crypto Twitter and TG groups make you think that if you don’t chase every Blast meme coin and AI micro cap pump-and-dump you’re missing out on gains.

It’s the other way around, back your time frames way out.

Hold some bags you believe in and don’t trade your wealth away.

— Jack Niewold (@JackNiewold) March 1, 2024

These cycles typically see capital rotate first through Bitcoin and Ethereum, then through altcoins, before finally pumping meme coins at the tail-end of a top.

With crypto markets still in pre-halving conditioning, it’s safe to say that meme coins have not yet reached their moment, and this opens the door of opportunity to more strategic Bitcoin-linked plays at the start of the cycle such as $GBTC.

Ignite Eco Revolution: Become a Web3 Change Maker With Green Bitcoin

Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) emerges as a beacon of opportunity pre-halving, capturing the imagination of investors keen on riding the wave of Bitcoin’s success while eyeing the colossal growth potential that $GBTC offers.

Unlike its predecessor, Green Bitcoin isn’t just another digital currency asset; it’s an eco-conscious revolution poised to redefine the crypto space, especially as we edge closer to the Bitcoin halving event.

Introducing Green Bitcoin: A Revolutionary Predict-To-Earn Token.

Join us on our Gamified Green Staking Platform, where your predictions can turn into profits!


— GreenBitcoin (@GreenBTCtoken) December 3, 2023

Better Than XJOBS? Unveiling the Potential of Green Bitcoin and $GBTC

While Bitcoin continues its impressive march, crossing the $62,000 mark, Green Bitcoin introduces a fresh narrative of exponential growth, with predictions of a 100x surge.

In comparison to Bitcoin’s future prospects, Green Bitcoin stands out with its unique proposition and a smaller market cap that hints at explosive growth potential, particularly in the context of its gamified prediction market that rewards insightful Bitcoin price forecasts.

Indeed, at its core, Green Bitcoin is more than just a token; it’s a testament to sustainable crypto practices. Leveraging Ethereum 2.0’s proof-of-stake architecture, Green Bitcoin slashes carbon emissions 10,000x, offering a sustainable alternative in the crypto universe.

This eco-friendly approach is coupled with a dynamic staking model, where participants can engage in daily Bitcoin price prediction games, earning rewards and bonuses as part of an engaging predict 2 earn mechanism,

Looking ahead, Green Bitcoin’s roadmap is laden with milestones that promise to elevate the project’s visibility and user engagement.

From ramping up marketing initiatives to rolling out the much-anticipated predict-2-earn feature and planning for listings on top exchanges, Green Bitcoin is charting a course toward a future where eco-conscious crypto investments thrive.

Dive into the Green Bitcoin Ecosystem And Join the Green Bitcoin Movement

As Green Bitcoin gears up for its next presale phase, the opportunity to partake in this eco-revolution and potentially outpace Bitcoin’s returns is here.

Stay connected with the Green Bitcoin community on X and Telegram for the latest updates and insights.

Secure your $GBTC tokens now and be part of this transformative journey in the blockchain world.

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