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Is It Too Late to Buy Pepe Coin? PEPE Price Surges While Whales Stack This New AI Meme Coin

The biggest meme coin launch of 2023, Pepe  (PEPE), has exploded back onto the scene in dramatic fashion.

This article will provide an analysis of PEPE’s current price trends and look to see whether an innovative AI crypto, SCOTTY, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.

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Despite a wider resurgence across the meme coin vertical, Pepecoin price has led the charge from the front, accruing a jaw-dropping +707% monthly gain to hit a new all-time high and dominating trending coin rankings on major CEXs.

PEPE Price Analysis: As Pepecoin Price Reels From Fresh All-Time High – Is It Too Late to Buy PEPE?

As price action proceeds cautiously following the new all-time high, Pepecoin is currently trading at a market price of $0.000000750 (representing a 24-hour change of +6.70%).

This comes after yesterday saw PEPE price action bounce up from lower support at $0.0000007, to hammer a new all-time high at $0.00000870.

Now in a -13.6% minor localized retracement move, price action appears to be forming a lower support level to consolidate above $0.00000760.

Yet, with 20 DMA support substantially below ongoing price action down at $0.00000266, it seems likely a deeper retracement could be needed.

The RSI indicator is forecasting a similar outlook on the short-time frame, with a strong bearish overbought signal at 93, suggesting price action is destined to head south for consolidation at a lower level.

But this contrasts the MACD, which is still displaying a minor bullish divergence in momentum at 0.00000062.

Overall, PEPE price analysis depicts the over-extended tail-end of a major meme coin rally, with retracement risk now dominating the outlook according to traditional chart analysis techniques.

To the upside, this leaves PEPE price targeting a move to $0.00001 (a potential +30%).

While downside risk could see the PEPE price tumble down to $0.0000055 (a possible -28%).

Consequently, PEPE price analysis reveals a short-time frame risk: reward ratio of 1.1, a mediocre entry that should be unappetizing to most prudent traders.

Feel Like You Missed The Boat After Pepecoin Price Analysis? The AI Narrative Could Propel Scotty the AI to 50x Heights

Ambitious AI crypto project, Scotty the AI (SCOTTY), represents a beacon of opportunity amidst the AI narrative, blending the cutting-edge realms of AI and blockchain to forge a path toward a new frontier in digital investments.

Our analysis of Pepecoin underscores a notable point: it’s likely that the biggest gains for meme coins such as are already behind it – with multi-billion market caps now constraining major growth for late entrants.

In contrast, Scotty the AI, standing at a meager multi-million market cap, emerges as a superior alternative, having not yet been listed on exchanges or begun trading on markets.

Presale Update!

ScottyTheAi #1 #memecoin (w/Ai utility) of 2024$SCOTTY has raised $2.3M

Well on our way to closing out presale and heading for that $100M marketcap.

Congratulation to all the early #Scottydogs in presale

Buy Now:

— Scotty The Ai (@ScottyThe_Ai) March 5, 2024

Positioned at the cusp of transforming AI on blockchain Scotty the AI offers a ground-breaking proposition for those seeking to get ahead of the next major trend in the crypto market.

Scotty the AI: Bridging Blockchain and AI For Major Gains

Scotty the AI, nicknamed the “Guardian of the Crypto Universe,” distinguishes itself not just through its compelling backstory but through its practical applications of AI in Web3.

With AI-powered features set to change the landscape for crypto traders; like Scotty Swap and ScottyChat, this project goes beyond mere meme coin value, offering tangible benefits and utilities that address real-world needs in the crypto community.

The AI-driven Scotty Swap ensures secure, efficient token exchanges, optimizing transactions for maximum gains, while ScottyChat offers unparalleled insights into the market, making it an indispensable tool for both new and seasoned investors.

Don’t Miss The SCOTTY Presale To Outperform PEPE in 2024

As the SCOTTY presale gains momentum, things are moving to crunch time for investors considering stepping into this burgeoning project – especially due to SCOTTY’s early presale stage at more than $2m raised.

With a significant portion of the total supply allocated to the public sale, the opportunity to participate is ripe, especially given the impressive staking rewards that underscore the project’s commitment to its community’s growth and prosperity.

The high-octane roadmap laid out by the Scotty team promises a series of developments aimed at enriching the ecosystem, from highly-anticipated community launches and innovative token generation to pump-fuel exchange listings and major strategic partnerships,

It’s for these reasons that SCOTTY serves as an ideal choice for investors keen on branching out from conventional investments to the dynamic realms of the crypto universe.

Engaging with Scotty the AI now offers not just portfolio diversification but also positions investors at the forefront of the forthcoming crypto evolution wave, potentially leading to significant returns.

So connect with Scotty the AI on Telegram and X (Formerly Twitter) to stay up to date with the latest project developments.


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