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Pepe Coin Sets Record High, AI Meme Coin Secures $3M Funding for Future Growth

As meme coin markets go into overdrive, Pepe has set a record high. But as PEPE price analysis suggests a looming downturn, could this AI meme coin be more promising?

This article will provide an analysis of PEPE’s current price trends and look to see whether a newer AI meme coin, Scotty the AI, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.

Some people sold their $PEPE for half the price 13 hours ago.

— Plazma (@Plazma0x) March 6, 2024

Crypto market sentiment remains bullish on 2023’s biggest breakout meme coin, however, markets remain currently volatile – with big moves shaking out weak-handed investors.

PEPE Price Analysis: As Pepecoin Rockets To New Record High – Can Rally Sustain?

As price action reels for the recent record high, Pepecoin is currently trading at a market price of $0.00000675 (representing a 24-hour change of -6.11%).

Retracement comes after explosive movements on March 5 saw Pepecoin hammer a new all-time high at $0.000008518.

Having caught support around the $0.000006 price level, holders are forcing a well-defended consolidation that leaves price poised for upside moves in a bullish pennant pattern.

However, PEPE price still remains at a significant +115% divergence above vital support from the 20 DMA (which is sat at $0.000000317).

This could indicate a need for retracement – a view backed by the RSI – which has been severely over-heated for 10-days, and currently stands at a bearish 79.18.

The MACD also now stands on the verge of flipping to bearish divergence, with a miniscule reading of 0.000000051 suggesting Pepecoin rally momentum has fleeted.

Yet, still sat on a +646% month-on-month gain, PEPE price analysis suggests Pepecoin could undertake further upside movements following a longer consolidation period.

To the upside, PEPE price is targeting a return to the ATH at $0.00000870 (a potential +27.38%).

While downside risk could see PEPE price tumble to lower support at $0.00000600 (a possible -12.15%).

Consequently, PEPE price analysis reveals a short-time frame risk: reward ratio of 2.25 – a good entry on the short-time frame characterized by upside potential in excited market conditions.

Could There Be A Better Alternative To Pepecoin? 

But while PEPE price analysis reveals that there could be further gains on the horizon, FOMO traders are concerned that it could be too late to get a good entry in Pepecoin.

The reason for this is PEPE’s extremely high market cap, which presently sits at $2.9Bn, meaning future growth will be dependent on huge influxes of capital.

For example, for Pepecoin to see 2x growth from here, it would need its market cap to grow to $4.8Bn – a huge move.

Whilst for a small cap like Scotty the AI, which has a market cap at presale of just $3.4m – despite combining two of the most bullish elements in crypto: meme coin power and AI narrative.

Comparing SCOTTY’s market cap to PEPE’s, if just 1% of Pepecoin’s market cap shifted to Scotty the AI, it would trigger a jaw-dropping 8.45x return for Scotty the AI.

A simple 2x return, which is near unthinkable for PEPE at this stage, could be achieved by an influx of just $3.4m for SCOTTY – highlighting the superior investment opportunity.

What Is Scotty the AI? Why Will It Outperform PEPE Price Analysis?

Scotty the AI is delivering a supercharged ecosystem of AI-powered tools aimed at empowering crypto traders and investors.

This includes offerings like Scotty Swap and ScottyChat, which are built by crypto degens for crypto degens, offering tangible utility to the SCOTTY token in a real-world and innovative way.

In the instance of the upcoming AI-powered DEX Scotty Swap, traders are able to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence for most efficient token exchanges – with AI agents optimizing transactions for maximal gains.

ScottyChat provides traders a unique looking glass into the market, with AI-powered research mechanisms uncovering unparalleled market insights for retail investors.

A look ahead at the exciting SCOTTY project roadmap reveals a series of developments that could instigate huge growth across crypto markets, with viral campaigns planned for upcoming community launches and token generation events.

Not to mention potential skyrocket triggers on the horizon, such as SCOTTY exchange listings and soon-to-be-revealed strategic project partnerships.

So why not join the growing number of investors diversifying their crypto portfolio into a genuine project with a working AI product and excellent narrative placement in the current volatile market condition.

Follow Scotty the AI on Telegram and X (Formerly Twitter) to tune in with the latest project developments, news and coverage.


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