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Crypto Experts Are Bullish on This New AI Coin – What’s Their Secret?

A new AI-integrated blockchain security coin called Scotty the AI (SCOTTY) is making analysts of smaller market cap projects bullish right now.

Thats because $SCOTTY combines the cultural stock of meme coin projects like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu with the added utility of an AI-powered blockchain threat detection system that resembles a lovable Scottish Terrier.

Presale Update!

ScottyTheAi #1 #memecoin (w/Ai utility) of 2024$SCOTTY has raised $7.7M

this was raised way faster than expected due to the high demand of the crypto community wanting to join ScottyTheAi.

Well on our way to closing out presale early and heading for…

— Scotty The Ai (@ScottyThe_Ai) March 12, 2024

Scotty the AI has now raised $7.7 million in prelaunch token sales. The project’s presale actually ended on Sunday, but people complained that they didn’t get time to get involved, so developers put their 10% token allocation on public sale for an ongoing bonus round that ends in just over five days.

Investors can currently pick up $SCOTTY for one cent per token. This is likely to increase after the token’s public launch.

The AI Behind Scotty

Scotty the AI’s canine origins were always going to give him a headstart in life. Dog-related meme coins are currently the pack. Seven of the ten largest meme coins by market capitalization are based on dog memes, but most of them don’t really offer much beyond laughs.

Enter Scotty. Scotty is both a chatbot and a token swapping protocol, and in both of these iterations he’s a security-savvy good boy.

As a chatbot, Scotty is a security oracle able to recall every transaction, block and hash ever recorded on-chain. As a token swapper, he can tap AI to analyze blockchain data and identify threats before executing seamless and secure token swaps.

Scotty’s blockchain sixth sense keeps him always on-guard against suspicious transactions and fraud.

He’s also the star of an upcoming play-to-earn (P2E) game. The team will announce gameplay and further details later, but says that Scotty is at the heart of a game that aims for a wide target audience.

The team also plans to launch its own proprietary blockchain in the final phase of Scotty’s rollout although again, details are scarce. It’s also eyeing up listings on popular CEXs, DEXs and pricing websites.

$SCOTTY Tokenomics

The Ethereum-based $SCOTTY is an ERC-20 standard token, ensuring wide accessibility and interoperability. It’s the deflationary meme coin—so its supply decreases over time—powering a protocol with real utility that merges two of the biggest emerging technologies into one service: AI and blockchain analytics.

$SCOTTY’s total supply cap is 1,734,567,890. Some 50% of that went towards the ongoing presale. A further 20% is for staking over a period of 3 years.

With its fixed supply, $SCOTTY is a form of digital gold akin to Bitcoin, but with added utility. No tokens are allocated to the team and all liquidity keys are permanently burned in order to better align project and community interests.

Buy Scotty Here

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