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“Momentous, Historic Questions: Trump Lawyers Ask SCOTUS to Decide Presidential Immunity

President Donald Trump’s lawyers have recently made a request for the Supreme Court to hear their arguments in favor of presidential immunity claims. The legal questions have been described as “momentous historic questions” in a document filed with the court. The case concerns a suit brought forth by the Manhattan district attorney’s office. The district attorney has sought for years to obtain the president’s financial information from the Trump company. Trump has blocked all such attempts, claiming immunity from prosecution due to the president’s role as commander in chief of the US armed forces. In the 85 page document submitted to Supreme Court, Trump’s lawyers have argued that if the Supreme Court declines to take up the case, it would lead to a grave injustice that historically would have been unthinkable. If the case is taken up by the top court in the land, it would be the first time that the question of a president’s immunity has been decided by the Supreme Court itself. Furthermore, the document claims that this case is of great importance to the nation and the country’s founding principle of separation of powers. Trump’s lawyers have stated that if a president could be compelled to answer to criminal proceedings while in office, it would have a devastating impact on the office of the president and the ability of the United States to execute its foreign policy. Trump’s legal team has stated that the case presents one of the most significant constitutional questions in the history of the nation. It is certain that, should the court take up the case, the decision would have a profound effect on the future of the nation. The court, itself, has yet to issue a response to Trump’s request. It is uncertain at this point whether the justice will take the case or not, but the deciding factor will certainly be of historic importance. Regardless of the outcome, this case certainly presents a unique moment for the nation and a chance for historic questions to be asked and answered.