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Jack Smith Fights for Fairness! Judge Rules on Blocking Trump’s ‘Political Attacks’ During Trial

Jack Smith, the chief counsel for the Democrats in the ongoing Senate impeachment trial, sent a request to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts over Donald Trump’s latest partisan attacks. The request, which comes during the most politically contentious trial in U.S. history, asks the Chief Justice to enforce the chamber’s rules and to ensure that the President does not make certain partisan political attacks. Smith noted in his application that the impeachment trial had been marked by a series of overtly partisan political statements made by the President and his legal team. He argued that these statements was unethical and prejudiced the proceedings. Specifically, he highlighted a tweet made on the first day of his trial, which allegedly implied that the Democratic House managers and lawyers had no grounds to make false or unreliable claims about the President. He also noted that the President had previously made comments about the House managers being “low-rated lawyers” and that the entire trial was “phony”. Smith said that these remarks were aimed at undermining the integrity of the whole trial, and that the President and his legal team have a duty to ensure that the proceedings are conducted in a fair and impartial manner. He further argued that allowing the President to make partisan political comments while the trial is ongoing, will irreparably prejudice its outcome. Roberts has yet to respond to the request from Smith, however he may yet decide to take action against the President if these statements continue. Regardless of the outcome, Smith’s request highlights how the drama between the President and the House Democrats is intensifying. With the trial expected to take another week or so, it is clear that both sides are going to the edge of the envelope to win the favor of the jury.